domingo, 27 de fevereiro de 2011

Happiest when Crafting's Fabric Giveaway : ALMOST OVER!!!!


Just a quick reminder to get on the giveaway bus, because it's departing TOMORROW, by 23p.m., Lisbon/London time.

All you have to do is to become a follower and comment ON THE GIVEAWAY POST to say that you're either already a follower or have just become one and also that you've posted about this giveaway on your blog.

For a second chance, leave another comment on the giveaway post and tell me what your favorite time of the day is.

It is soooo simple, and so worth it, these fabrics are lovely and there will be TWO winners. This is an internationl giveaway, I will post to anywhere! :)

So join in, I must say I am loving all of your comments, particularly the best time of day posts. So keep them coming!

And thank you!

sábado, 26 de fevereiro de 2011

WIP: Baby Girl Ikea Quilt Part 3: Much Better!

(If you're looking for the fabric giveaway, please click HERE)


So I've made the changes and I rather like it! Much much better! Now I only need time to quilt :) I'm trying a brand new quilting, I hope it works!

Já fiz finalmente as mudanças e adoro! Muito melhor agora! Agora só preciso de tempo para conseguir "quiltar". Vou tentar um novo padrão, espero que funcione!

sexta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2011

WIP: Another IKEA Baby Quilt Part 2 :: Outro quilt de bebé Ikea, Parte 2

(If you're looking for the fabric giveaway, please click HERE)


Since the last time I mentioned this project, I haven't really had the time to work on it until yesterday. Also, I had serious doubts and for a moment, I thought I was going to just start all over, like I did on the Animals behind the Wheel quilt, which I hope doesn't become a habit...


Desde a última vez que mencionei este projecto, não tenho tido tempo para trabalhar nele até ontem. Para além disso, tive sérias dúvidas e por um momento, pensei que ia ter que começar tudo de novo, como fiz no quilt anterior, espero que não se torne num hábito!
My main problems were the different sizes of the blocks and the bright colors in them. I had to balance it out somehow and was very afraid it would just look hectic. For that, I added some large white stripes, larger than I usually do, and tried to play a little with the blocks. Surprisingly enough, they all fitted, I'm just no so sure yet about what I did with the two smaller side blocks, I'm thinking maybe I need to take them out and just center them both.

Os meus principais problemas são a diferença de tamanho dos blocos e as cores fortes de cada um. Tive que as tentar equilibrar e tive medo que ficasse demasiado frenético. Por isso, adicionei faixas brancas, mais largas do que o que costumo fazer, e tentei brincar um pouco com os blocos. Surpreendentemente, couberam todos bem, só ainda não tenho a certeza acerca dos dois blocos mais pequenos dos lados, penso que se calhar terei que os descoser e tentar centrá-los.

Also, I still haven't decided if I should add a border, white or another color, I think it needs to be a solid, just not sure which would be best or if I should add one at all.
The backing is already decided, it's another Ikea fabric, the one in white with the colorfull hearts. The colors match really well but, at the same time, it's a bit more quiet, colorwise.
Of course, by the time I had cut the backing and by the time I decided to cut the batting, Mushi had other ideas...

Para além disso, ainda não decidi se deva adicionar uma moldura, branca ou de outra cor. Acho que precisa de ser uma cor sólida, só não sei qual será ou se deva adicionar uma sequer.
O tecido da parte de trás já está escolhido, será outro tecido Ikea, aquele branco com corações coloridos. As cores combinam perfeitamente e ao mesmo tempo, é um tecido mais calmo, em termos de cor.
Claro que pela altura em que acabei de cortar o tecido, a Mushi começou a ter ideias...

After intensive analysis and investigation, she aproved and decided to take a nap, thus completing our work for the day.

Após uma análise intensa e muita investigação, ela aprovou e decidiu dormir, completando assim o nosso trabalho neste dia.

quinta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2011

The Countdown Begins...

(If you're looking for the fabric giveaway, please click HERE)

My Nico

I am about a month away from my birthday and, unlike the last couple of birthdays, this year I'm excited. I'm not planning on doing anything extravagant or plan a big party or something, but I am very keen on actually feeling it and enjoying it.

Truth is, lately I've been putting myself out there to live and feel things that I wouldn't have tried before. Even to meet new people, totally off character for me. I'm the kind of girl that shies away from change and sometimes even from new experiences, but right now, since such a big change is inevitable and there is nothing I can do to stop it, I guess I've just decided to embrace it and truth is I’ve been doing these things without the slightest hesitation.

Also, it is a big birthday. I'm turning thirty and for the first time in my life I am starting to feel like an adult. I no longer have excuses as to why I haven't been trying my hardest to look for my better life. After this week I am totally free and can pretty much do whatever I want. Now I just have to know what that is!
Even though this is not how I’ve imagined my life at thirty (it sounds so ancient when you’re younger), I do love my life and am very grateful for so many things that weren’t part of my plans but that I can no longer live without.

S.Torpes, September

Truth is I've been given this really big opportunity and it's coming up really soon, but I must confess I've been struggling with my self confidence and am doubting if I'll be able to do what it takes to get the results I need from that event. I've talked (or rather written) my way to this opportunity, this meeting, and am now wondering if I can rise up to the challenge, or if they'll think I'm just a really good talker (writer), but not so good at execution, which is, I suppose, my worst nightmare.
I do hope I can get it together by then.

Sorry about the rambling, but this blog for me is so much more than just a place to show my projects, I guess I see it as kind of a journal, I’ve created it originally with the single purpose of documenting my life so I could revisit it whenever I wanted to. Truth is I’ve been forsaking that purpose and have been more concentrated on reaching all of you. But I’m also hoping that if you take the time to visit this blog you’ll want to see my projects, but also know more about me. So there you have it! :) Thanks for reading.

terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2011

Happiest when Crafting's VERY FIRST FABRIC GIVEAWAY


Well, since it's such an important and life changing week for me, and since we've just reached the 13th follower (thank you so much!) I've decided to finally host a Giveaway.

Bem, uma vez que esta semana é tão importante para mim, e uma vez que chegámos agora ao 13º seguidor (muito obrigada!) decidi finalmente fazer a minha primeira grande oferta!

I am giving two diferent prizes to two diferent lucky readers.
Vou dar dois prémios diferentes a dois leitores sortudos.

The first prize is a bundle of 4 Amy Butler Fat Quarters:
O primeiro prémio é um conjunto de 4 Fat Quarters de tecido da Amy Butler:
-Love Cypress Paisley in Wine 
-Love Cypress Paisley in Lime
-Love Paradise Garden in Wine
-Lotus Wall Flower in Sky

The second prize is a bundle of 2 Jeanean Morrison Fat Quarters:
O segundo prémio é um conjunto de 2 Fat Quarters de tecido da Jeanean Morrison:
-California Dreamin Santa Rosa Orange
-California Dreamin Catalina Blue

-To be a part of this Giveaway, all you have to do is to become a follower and post this giveaway on your own blog. Leave a comment on this post saying you've done just that. If you're already a follower (thank you so much!!) leave a comment saying that you are and that you've posted this giveaway on your blog.

-Para participar nesta oferta, tudo o que têm que fazer é tornarem-se seguidores deste blog e publicitar esta oferta nos vossos blogs. Deixei um comentário neste post mencionando que o fizeram. Se já são seguidores (muito obrigada!!) deixem um comentário dizendo isso e mencionando que publicitaram esta oferta no vosso blog.

-If you'd like a second chance to win these prizes, just leave a second comment telling me what is usually the high point of your day. Like what's your favorite part of the day or what moment to you long for while doing your chores or while at work.

- Se quiserem uma segunda oportunidade para ganhar estes prémios, deixem um segundo comentário mencionando qual é normalmente o ponto alto do vosso dia. Qual é a parte favorita do vosso dia ou que momento ansiam enquanto trabalhar ou cumprem as vossas tarefas diárias.

I'll give it a try. For me, the high point of my day is when the day is ending, I feel like I've done everything I needed to accomplish that day, it's far to late for sewing, so I just relax sitting on the couch, watching TV, with both my cats sleeping on my lap.

Eu vou tentar: Para mim, o momento alto do meu dia é quase no final e sinto que fiz tudo o que tinha que fazer nesse dia. É demasiado tarde para coser, portanto relaxo sentada no sofá a ver televisão com os meus dois gatos a dormir no meu colo.

Easy enough, right? Then lets get to it! Fácil, certo? Então vamos lá.

Please make sure I can contact you!
Por favor garantam que vos consigo contactar!

This competition closes at 11p.m. on the 28th  February (just like my shop), Lisbon time,  and I'll draw a Winner on the next day.
Esta competição fecha às 23h do dia 28 de Fevereiro (tal como a minha loja), hora de Lisboa, e escolho o vencedor no dia seguinte.

segunda-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2011

WIP: Another IKEA Baby Quilt

It's still in very early stages, but this is what I've got so far...
It might just be the most colorfull and fun quilt I've done to date. Those Ikea fabrics just inspire me to keep on creating new quilts and the greatest part is they just look completely different. This one actually has a sort of Summer-y vibe to it. I just hope I can keep it from becoming just too hectic, too colorfull, too busy.

What do you think?

Much Love Monday

It's that time of the week again. A time when you get to stop and think about what you love in your life. And this week is particularly special one for me. It's Much Love Monday.
Today begins the final week for my store. After the 28th it will be closed forever and since I don't know if on the 28th I will still be here or already closed, I think a little tribute is in order.

Today I love my shop.
I love how much it's made me grow and turn into this person I am today. I am also very proud of it.
I love its little special details that are known only to me.
I love that people love it.
I love hearing people comment how cute the shop is and how much they love it.
I love the fishes.
I loved picking out the stock from all the cute glitzy catalogues.
I loved going to all of the gift fairs abroad, those were truly the best of times.
I loved the extreme makeovers I did when I was fed up with the general look of the shop. I would just take it all down and get it all displayed diferently.
I love being a part of it and how much it has become a part of me.

And even though I love the possibilities that lie ahead and how a whole new chapter of my life is about to begin, I will miss it very much.

I also love my family and my kittens and all the friends than keep me going. All of you show me what my life is really about and how lucky I am!

What are you loving today?

sexta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2011

Finished: The Animals behind the Wheel Baby Quilt


I can finally show you the finished quilt. Unfortunately, the lighting these days is still pretty bad. I'll have to wait for the weekend, since they are predicting sunny days, to take the pictures for the Etsy listing.

I just didn't really want to wait that long to show YOU!

This quilt is about 40"x40". It is the most laidback, the most spontaneous quilt I have ever done. Usually, when I decide to make a quilt, I have pretty much everything set in my head by the time I begin, This one threw me for a loop as everything I had forseen just did not work at all! I don't even know how many times I started over, from the cutting and piecing to the quilting, as I've been ranting about for some time now.

Now I look at it and it just seems totally free and unique. The piecing isn't completely straight by any means, the squares aren't all the same size, most of them aren't even squares to begin with! The stippling if far from even, but surprisingly enough I love it!

For me, it's a baby boy quilt, even though there are touches of pink and flowers in it. I think it looks perfect and cozy for a cute little baby boy and it can actually be a part of the room decor for some time, as it is not too baby-like and it has a great size.

Hope you like it. For me it was a blast (ok, at times it was a pain) to make and it's amazing how much I keep learning from all the new projects. At the same time, the pride and joy of looking at something you made yourself is still priceless!
This quilt is, of course, about 95% Ikea fabrics. The only fabrics that are not Ikea are the blue and green frames :)

quinta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2011

Presenting to you...

... my kittens. This was taken yesterday evening, it's really cold over here, they just love to sit by the heater. And yes, they have beds, they just prefer their card boxes. hehehe. Miss Mushi and Mr. Nico, the whiskerless cat ;)

quarta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2011

THE GREAT SMS PILLOW CONTEST: Presenting the Early Morning Cheer Pillow

Early Morning Cheer Pillow for the Sew Mama Sew Great SMS Pillow Contest

I've finished it. Actually I've finished it a couple of days ago, but haven't been able to photograph it to my taste. Unfortunately the weather is only getting worse over here, so I just decided to go with what I've got.

And it was actually perfect timming. I've been meaning to do an "inspirational pillow" as I like to call it, for a while now. I wanted something I could look at first thing in the morning and last thing at night to make me focus on what I believe in important and what life is all about, since it's so easy to forget it with a hectic schedule.

Also, I am absolutely inlove with cathedral windows, I think it's an exquisite design! I've never dared to try it before this contest, and I think it looks amazing! However, I guessed that a cathedral window pillow with the usual setting (solid fabric to frame strong patterned fabric) would not allow me to appliqué the words which were the whole point of the pillow.
This, along with the fact that I wanted to use my favorite fabric proeminently on the pillow, inspired me to change things up a bit.
The appliquéd shapes, such as the heart and the flower were meant to make the red color pop a bit more, but also they are my favorite shapes.

Now, it sits on my bed everyday, since I've finished it less than a week ago and never fails to put me in a good mood, regardless of how my day is.

Here it is:

The early stages

Cathedral windows :)

Words to live by: love, trust, smile, breathe, dream and LIVE!

Turning it around

The pillow case

terça-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2011

I know I've been away...

And even missed Much Love Monday on Valentine's Day!
But I had my hands full!!
We rescued them yesterday. Straight from work I went to get them to the vet. At 7 weeks-old, their skin is in appaling conditions... They had nowhere else to go, so stayed the night with us, which for someone who's never had a dog was really an adventure. Luckily, my cats just decided to ignore them. We had to keep them apart for the cats' sake. They are leaving today, I'll miss them :)

This is Julieta, the only girl of the pack. The chubby one, the leader.

This is Sebastião, eats and sleeps more than anyother, Likes to be the center of attention

This is Gabriel, he is the tiny one from the pack. I think his skin is the worst. He usually cries when he cleans himself, poor baby. They all do actually, but Gabirel is the worst. Luckily they've already started the treatment.

And this is Romeu. Romeu loves to cuddle, everytime he sees me he just wants me to hold him and he'll fall right a sleep. He's so lovely and cute. If I could keep one, I would keep Romeu :)

Hope your Valentine's was as filled with love as mine!

sábado, 12 de fevereiro de 2011

WIP: Animals behind the Wheel Baby Quilt


I finally managed to photograph the projects I've been working on. It was like 23:45, so the lighting is kind of bad. Sorry about that...
I think I've shown you some pictures of this baby quilt before. Well actually I've shown you the first version, before I decide to toss than one aside and start fresh. I love the way it looks, it's actually the second time I've even free-motion quilted just about anything and I still get very very nervous.

Once I finished the piecing I decided it would look amazing stippled, really crinkly and soft. I tried it and gave up, than I decided to straight quilt it with my walking foot. Again, didn't like it...
By that time I was thinking I was never going to finish this quilt since it was the second time I had tried to do it and I was on my third try at quilting it! Then I just decided to go back to the original plan, only this time I would do it with white thread, which I dreaded to try, because every fault would show on the red backing.

I think it turned out great. It just looks really snuggly and comfortable. I love it! I love the fabric, thank you Mr. Ikea! :)
Oh yeah, here are the pictures!


Finalmente consegui fotografar os projectos que tenho estado a trabalhar. Eram umas 23.45, portanto a luz é má, lamento…

Acho que já vos mostrei algumas fotos deste quilt de bebé antes. Bem, na verdade mostrei a primeira versão, antes de ter decidido colocá-la de lado e começar de novo. Adoro o aspecto dela, é a segunda vez que uso free-motion quilting e ainda fico muito muito nervosa.

Quando acabei de coser as várias partes, decidi que ficaria bem assim, muito encarquilhada e suave. Tentei e desisti, depois decidi que iria usar linhas direitas e usei o walking foot. Novamente, não gostei…

Por essa altura pensei que nunca acabaria este quilt, já que era a segunda ver que a tentei fazer e estava já na 3ª tentativa para fazer o quilting! Então decidi voltar ao plano original, mas desta vez usei fio branco, que temia tentar, porque todos os deeitos se notariam na parte de trás com tecido vermelho.

Acho que ficou óptimo. Parece realmente confortável e aconchegante. Adoro! E adoro o tecido, obrigada Sr. Ikea! :)
Ok, aqui estão as fotos!

Originally I was going to do the squares, with the blue and the green fabric to frame the pictures of the driving animals. Then I thought it would look better to just do white stripes all around them (yes, I know there's a better expression for this, but I forget). The white wasn't doing it for me, because the fabric with the animals isn't really white. Then I decided, since the fabric has a lot of plain fabric, without the animals, I could just use that, but then I realized I was wasting so much fabric, and how great would it be to just cut stripes from the fabric, regardless of it being plain or with pictures, that way it would make it much more unique and not wasteful at all! And there you have it...

Originalmente, ia apenas fazer os quadrados emoldurados com o tecido azul e verde. Depois pensei que ficaria melhor com uma moldura branca em volta. O branco não estava a funcionar, porque o tecido com os animais não é branco. Então decidi, uma vez que o tecido original tinha imenso tecido liso, sem animais, que poderia usar esse tecido, mas depois percebi que criaria muito desperdício, e que se calhar ficaria bem se cortasse apenas tiras desse tecido, independentemente de ser liso ou com bonecos, assim ficaria muito mais original e sem desperdício! E aqui está ela…

All I'm missing now is the binding, which I already have prepared (wops, didn't take that pic), it's from my favorite white and red fabric, so it should connect the front and the back just perfectly.

Also, I expect to finish the pillow for the Sew Mama Sew Contest by today, so wish me luck! :)

Tudo o que me falta agora é o binding, que já tenho preparado (wops, não tirei essa foto), é do meu tecido favorito em branco e vermelho, por isso deve unir perfeitamente a parte da frente com a parte de trás.

Para além deste projecto, espero terminar a almofada para o Concurso da Sew Mama Sew, por isso desejem-me sorte!

sexta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2011

They like me! They really like me!!


It's been a hard week and it kills me to have to choose between blogging or sewing, such is the crazy schedule I've been on. Working 7 days a week is really taking it's toll.
Anyway, just thought I'd pop by to share with you two more treasuries that feature my SandyOwn pieces amongst other incredible ones.
This one is food-theemed and was picked by the amazing LousisestArt. I've discovered I will love anything featuring fried eggs, they are just so cute!! Amazing pictures in general.

This one is, as you can see, all loved up :) I love it! MamiMadeIt, thank you!
I particularly love that they always pick different items. Apart from the bunting, each treasury has a different SandyOwn item. I love it!

And speaking of said bunting, I actually needed a Valentine's decoration for the shop (the shop I own in Lisbon, the gift shop), and so I replicated the bunting and it looks something like this. Truly, this picture was taken like a minute ago, it's practically live footage ;)

quarta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2011

Technical Difficulties :: Problemas técnicos

A bit disheartened


For days, I've been thinking of joining The Great SMS Pillow Contest at Sew Mama Sew so yesterday I decided to start working on it, since the deadline is the 23rd. It will be the first time I participate in a sewing contest and I think it will be fun!

And, for the first time since I've started sewing, it all just went terribly wrong! Worst of all, I can't even say why, I didn't even do that much, it just didn't look good at all!

Then, I decided to quit that project and just advance on the baby quilt I've been making... well... it just went even worse!! I'm not even sure I'll finish that one!

So it was kind of a crappy day for me, sewing wise...
I've decided to take it all in as a learning experience, but since I'm still not sure what went wrong, I'm having a hard time getting to the knowledge I'm supposed to aprehend from this... Is all just a confidence slump or bad decision making??

Has it ever happened to you?

terça-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2011

Kittens :: Gatinhos

Sandy: Kittens, please, mommy needs to get up and go to work!!
Kittens: Err... NO!!  (in kitty tongue, of course, as nails come out to grab my legs to keep me still)

And so they continue to sleep on top of me until I find out I'm already late and get hectic and they get scared and run away, only to follow me around the house and THEN, as soon as I dress my jacket, Mushi starts ranting and pacing in front of the door, trying to keep me from walking out. Every single morning...

Sandy: Gatinhos, por favor, preciso de me levantar e ir trabalhar!!
Gatinhos: Err... NÃO!! (em língua de gatinhos, claro, e ao mesmo tempo que as unhas começam a aparecer para agarrar as minhas pernas para me manterem quieta)

E assim vão continuando a dormir em cima de mim até que descubro que estou realmente atrasada e fico stressada e eles assustam-se e fogem, para depois me seguirem pela cada e DEPOIS, assim que visto o casaco, a Mushi desata a refilar e a andar de um lado para o outro em frente à porta, para não me deixar sair. Todas as manhãs...

segunda-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2011

Much Love Monday

Time sure does fly! Can't believe it's Monday again! And Valentine's is uppon us.

O tempo voa! Nem acredito que já é segunda feira novamente! E o dia de S. Valentim está já aí.
Like most Mondays, I join Anna from Much Love and take a break in my day to let you know what I'm loving today.

- I'm loving my life, actually. It's hard sometimes, and other times it looks like it's taken out of a plot of a mexican telenovela, but it's the one I have and I'm blessed in many ways.

- My cats, always.

- The lovely blue sky and bright sun out there today.

- The promise and potential of the arrival of change.

What are YOU loving today?

Next Much Love Monday will be on Valentine's Day, so I'm guessing there will be a lot of love being sent to the Universe :)

Como na maioria das minhas segundas-feiras, juntei-me à Anna no blog Much Love e fiz uma pausa no meu dia para vos dizer o que adoro hoje:

- A minha vida. às vezes é difícil e outras vezes parece saída de um episódio de uma telenovela mexicana, mas é a única que tenho e sou abençoada de muitas maneiras

- Os meus gatinhos, sempre
- O céu azul e o sol forte que está no céu hoje

- A promessa e o potencial da chegada da mudança

O que é que vocês estão a adorar hoje?

A próxima segunda-feira será dia de S. Valentim, por isso desconfio que vai existir muito amor a ser enviado para o Universo.

quinta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2011

Something to think about ::: Algo para reflectir

I've stumbled across these great page with some greater insights on our little community. Don't know if you're read it before, but here it goes. It's a Three post series on CraftyPod. I have to say it really hit home for this newbie (but not so new) blogger.

Encontrei esta página com óptimos pontos de vista acerca desta nossa pequena comunidade. Não sei se já leram antes, mas aqui vai. É uma série de três post na página CraftyPod. Devo dizer que me identifiquei bastante, enquanto uma blogger novata (embora não seja um blog assim tão recente).

How Sustainable is Free? (The start of a series…)

Free and Sustainability and Community and Money


I just love craftcult!

It is a brilliant tool for a newbie like me! For example, thanks to them, I found out I'm actually featured in more than one Treasury. How incredibly excited am I!!!

And check out some of the other picks, such amazing pieces, I wish I had them all ;) So thank you!

quarta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2011

IKEA fabrics inspire me ::: Os tecidos IKEA inspiram-me

Everytime I think of new projects, I'm immediately drawn to IKEA fabrics. This project I'm currently working on was born out of my need to use an IKEA fabric I fell in love with... You'll probably recognise it :)

Sempre que penso em novos projectos, sou imediatamente atraída para os tecidos IKEA. Este projecto em que estou a trabalhar nasceu pela minha vontade de usar este tecido IKEA pelo qual me apaixonei... Provavelmente reconhecem-no :)

I think I'm making a baby quitl, but I'm not quite sure yet! :) I know it's been challenging because the drawings have completely different sizes, but I'll work something out. Makes me want to have children just so I have the perfect excuse to keep making baby quilts ;)

Acho que estou a fazer um quilt para bebé, mas não tenho a certeza! :) Sei que tem sido um desafio porque os desenhos têm tamanhos completamente diferentes, mas logo arranjo uma solução. Dá-me vontade de ter crianças só para ter a desculpa perfeita para continuar a fazer quilts de bebé :)

New Arrivals ::: Novas Chegadas


Remember the fabrics I ordered that I was so excited about and then when they finally arrived, two of them were MIA and another one had been sent instead? Well the correct ones have just arrived :)

Lembram-se dos tecidos que encomendei e que estava tão entusiasmada mas depois quando chegaram, dois deles não vieram e em vez deles mandaram outro diferente? Bem, os tecidos certos acabaram de chegar:)

Already I'm having very mixed feelings between wanting to make something with them and not wanting to cut them.
This makes a total of 6 bolts of fabric I've bought this year, so I hope this should keep my busy for some time, unless it sells out on Etsy and then I'll just have to buy more fabrics, how great would that be? :)
The Wall Flower from Amy Butler's Lotus collection is so precious!! And it costs more too!

I'm becoming more and more convinced that I would be very happy to live among fabric :)
These fabrics shoul be listed on my Etsy Shop shortly. I'm loving that I get to add a couple of things to the list everyday. Makes me happy to see I actually manage to find some time to do things I love, makes the burden a little less heavy.

Automaticamente fico no dilema de querer fazer alguma coisa com eles e não querer cortar o tecido.
Recebi neste momento 6 tecidos comprados este ano, espero que me mantenham entretida durante algum tempo, a não sr que se vendam todos no Etsy e aí terei que comprar mais tecido, seria fantástico! :)
O tecido Wall Floers da colecção Lotus da Amy Butler é lindo!! E mais caro!

Estou cada vez mais convencida que seria muito feliz a viver entre o tecido :)
Estes tecidos vão ser adicionados à minha loja no Etsy brevemente. Estou a adorar conseguir adicionar artigos diariamente. Fico muito feliz por ver que até consigo arranjar tempo para fazer as coisas que gosto, torna o fardo um pouco mais leve.

terça-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2011

The Glamour Goddess Aprons ::: Os Aventais Glamour Goddess

I have finally managed to photograph these aprons I’ve been making since last week.

Here’s the thing. I love to cook, and I also love retro looking dresses, but can’t really wear them in my everyday’s life. Oh, and I hate most aprons, particularly those plastic ones, they are hideous! I usually go without and my clothes usually pay the price for that…

When I got my fabrics all I could think of was the best way to use a lot of them, to make them shine and stand out. Quilts are great, but usually you only get to see small portions of each fabric and these babies deserved a better premiere project.
So I immediately thought of aprons. Lovely aprons, aprons that will make you want to do something just so you can wear them. And these were born:

Finalmente consegui fotografar estes aventais que tenho vindo a fazer desde a semana passada.
A ideia é, eu adoro cozinhas, e adoro vestidos de look retro, mas não posso usá-los no me dia-a-dia. Ah, e detesto a maioria dos aventais, especialmente os plastificados, são horríveis! Normalmente não uso aventais de todo e as minhas roupas é que pagam…

Quando recebi os meus tecidos só conseguia pensar na melhor forma de os usar, de os destacar e de os fazer brilhar. Os quilts são óptimos, mas normalmente só temos pequenas porções de cada tecido e estes mereciam um projecto melhor para a sua estreia.
Imediatamente pensei em aventais. Lindos, que nos dão vontade de fazer algo apenas para os podermos usar. E estes foram criados:

I call them the Glamour Goddess Aprons, because I think every Domestic Goddess should feel Glamorous!
With these projects I've had so many firsts! The first time I made anything remotely similar to clothing! The first ruffles, the first pleats, it was just SO MUCH FUN! I may have found a new addiction…
These aprons will be listed on my Etsy Shop soon.

Dei-lhes o nome de Glamour Goddess Aprons, porque acho que cada Deusa Doméstica devia sentir-se Glamorosa!
Com estes projectos, tive imensas experiências novas! Foi a primeira vez que fiz algo sequer similar a vestuário! Os primeiros folhos, as primeiras pregas, foi TÃO DIVERTIDO! Acho que encontrei um novo vício…
Estes aventais estarão na minha loja do Etsy em breve...