segunda-feira, 15 de agosto de 2011

Broken computer, work, loads of orders, new kitten, oh my!!

Let's elaborate: My laptop broke, so I've been completely offline for about a month, until I decided to recover a very very old computer, circa 2003 I think.
In the meantime, work at Ikea has been very tiring, there are a lot of people on vacations, which means more work hours for yours truly.
Quilt orders, it has been a great month order-wise. Baby quilts mostly, as usual :)

New kitten, where to start. Last week I was driving to work on a very busy road when I see a car stop and drop a very very small kitten and drive away. Of course I had no option but to pick him up a bring him home. The original idea was to give him for adoption but who was I kidding? Meet Oscar, my newest family member :)
I'll post some pictures of my latest projects soon, if this old but very friendly computer allows it.
I miss vacations, I miss the Augusts from my childhood. I miss traveling. I also miss blogging :)