sábado, 26 de novembro de 2011

Work in Progress


This is a top I completed many many weeks ago, but I found it so bland and uninteresting. Then, one of these nights it came to me in a dream (yes, since hearing about the fair I dream in patchwork every night).
This is the result:

It's meant to be a small tablecloth for a coffe table of something like that (don't know if there's a better name for it). I quilted it diagonally, haven't done that in some time now and I was very pleased to realise I'm getting better at it, as it is my favourite quilting pattern.
Mushi decided to model for me but,of course, her excitement became too much.......

sexta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2011

What a difference a layout makes... The magic of quilting!

I've been looking for the perfect project to use this fabric, it's been waiting for almost a year, as it was a Christmas present.

I was so indecisive about the layout I decided to do two! And my, what a difference!
The exact same fabrics used, displayed in two different layouts, and this is the result:

It's a very cute cat fabric, these photos don't show it properly. I'll try to photograph it later.
Even more amazing to me is the fact that both these baby quilts will look completely different once it's quilted and, AGAIN, with the binding.

Truly, the magic of quilting!

quarta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2011

Big days ahead!


Today started out as a pretty normal day, as most surprising days do. By lunchtime I had been invited to take part on my very first Crafts Fair! It will be a Christmas Crafts Fair and it will be at Penha Longa Hotel, this very amazing, very beautiful hotel.

I am, of course, very stressed. What do I know of Fairs? Sure, I visited a lot of them when I had Gone Fishing but I never organised any, I never participated, I have no idea of all it takes to have a sucessfull, fun participation! Does it show how much I'm stressing????

Anyway, I think it will be amazing! I only wish I had more time to prepare and to create stock, of course. So now, everything else is on hold until the second week of December.

Any suggestions?

Quilt for Baby Maria Inês - almost done!


This baby quilt is almost done, after this one it's all about Christmas baby!!
I'm finishing sewing the binding tonight, if my kittens allow it, because the temperature keeps droping and they are very cold, which means they need a lap to snuggle on :)

This was such a fun quilt to make, so colorfull and happy. It's clearly different from what I usually do, but I must say I quite like it. Maybe it was the rain that made me want to bring some color into this quilt.

I hope baby Maria Inês likes it :)

segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2011

The Chritsmas Towel Update


Here's what I've been up to lately. Unfortuately, my new netbook does not like bluetooth, so it's been hard getting these pictures here.

Hope you like it. Only wish I had the time to do this and nothing else. hehehe

quinta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2011

The tale of two Projects: One for the Baby, one for Santa Claus

Since I couldn't decide whether to start working on my Christmas table cloths or a Baby girl quilt a friend asked me, I decided to do both!

I'm going to build baby Maria Inês a cute little brick quilt :)

And for Santa, I'll make my very first Christmas table cloth. Hopefully, this will be the first of many. Well, a few at least, you know how I love my Christmas collections! :)

This should keep me busy well until next week :) I'll keep you posted!


Lately (in the last couple of months) I've been noticing something I've never noticed before, maybe because I didn't really need to.

Whenever I sew in the morning, my whole day becomes chaotic. Seriously! I get so into it, so involved, so absorbed, everything else looses meaning. Last time I had a project, I actually messed up my working schedule and ended up showing up at a completely different time! And sometimes I get lost on my way there because my mind is so full of ideas and projects and all of that we all know so well!

Today, having two very inspiring, very absorbing projects, I burned my lunch and, as I started looking around, noticed my working table pristinely tidy and everything else around it completely in chaos.
Before, this wasn't really important, when I had Gone Fishing Gift Shop I would wake up to go to work, then come back and sew for hours until I remembered I had to go back for dinner, then return and sew some more until I couldn't use the machine and then I would cut some fabric until my hands hurt. And I loved it!

But now, with two jobs, I have to get up to sew, or I won't be able to finish anything, BUT I have to keep alert so I won't miss my classes and then I'll have to rush off to Ikea, meaning I have to plan everything very tightly or I'll end up forgeting my working clothes or my class plan or something like that.

I think this is the reason I sometimes stop sewing for periods of time, when I'm busier or more concerned with other issues. It's not that I can't find the time to sew, you can always find some time to do it, it's the way it makes me feel, the spacing out, the losing myself in it. When I most need to concentrate, I let go of the pleasure and the serenity that sewing gives me in order to stay focused on what's important and that makes me sad.
I've always known I was an all or nothing type of person, but I wish I could change that, I wish I could do it both and have the best of both worlds.

Is this something I can change? Something I can train my mind to perfect? I hope so!