quarta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2011

Big days ahead!


Today started out as a pretty normal day, as most surprising days do. By lunchtime I had been invited to take part on my very first Crafts Fair! It will be a Christmas Crafts Fair and it will be at Penha Longa Hotel, this very amazing, very beautiful hotel.

I am, of course, very stressed. What do I know of Fairs? Sure, I visited a lot of them when I had Gone Fishing but I never organised any, I never participated, I have no idea of all it takes to have a sucessfull, fun participation! Does it show how much I'm stressing????

Anyway, I think it will be amazing! I only wish I had more time to prepare and to create stock, of course. So now, everything else is on hold until the second week of December.

Any suggestions?

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