quarta-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2012

Much work means no Much Love Monday :(


I forgot all about Much Love Monday this week, which was a shame, but I've been so entangled in orders and owls, I can hardly keep up with all the days of the week!
I have to be careful so soon I'll be missing class as well, those poor children, missing out on their english lesson!

Also, the sleep deprivation from the Oscars didn't help I suppose. It did inspire though!
I guess they are a mashup between inspiration from the tuxedos and black gowns and The Artist. So there you have it, black and white, mute and cute little owls :) I love them!!

So I guess that Wednesday is also a good day to share what you are loving :)

domingo, 26 de fevereiro de 2012

sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2012

Finished project! Hurray!! ::: Projecto terminado!

The order was: a collection of 3 little owls and a pillow to match. It is meant for the bedroom of a baby girl, but the mommy is not a big fan of pink. This is what I came up with and I love it and I am completely in love with these fabrics!

A encomenda era: uma colecçao de 3 mochinhos com uma almofada a condizer. É para o quarto de uma bebé, mas a mamã não é grande fã de rosa. Isto foi o que eu fiz e adoro e também adoro estes tecidos! 

This pillow is just so cute! It has the flower appliquée and the binding is also from the same fabric although the  most visible part doesn't have a spot of pink :) I used bating in this pillow cover and the result is amazing, It just makes it much more fluffier and it really adds a new dimension to it.

Esta almofada é amorosa! tem a flor aplicada e o rebordo é do mesmo tecido da flor,embora a parte mais visível não tenha cor-de-rosa à vista :) eu usei enchimento nesta almofada e o resultado é incrível. fica muito mais fofinha e cria logo uma nova dimensão a todo o projecto.

I've done so many owls lately, but I was still surprised by how different they can look according to where each fabric is. Even in size, some looking chubbier than others. Love them! All I'm waiting now is for the final approval and they are ready to go!

Tenho feito tantos mochos ultimamente, mas ainda fico surpresa pelo facto de cada mocho parecer tão diferente, dependendo de onde fica cada tecido. Mesmo em tamanho, alguns parecem mais rechonchudos que os outros. Adoro! O que falta agora é a aprovação final e estão prontos para seguir viagem! 

quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2012

Cutest little owls I've ever done!! ::: Os mochos mais fofinhos que alguma vez fiz!!


I'm getting to the conclusion that I'm most creative when I'm doing custom orders, I guess there is a connection with the person in question, particularly when that person is just so nice and adorable, it makes it so natural and easy to create incredible and lovely items.
These 3 cute little owls are all for a lovely baby girl that will arrive in the Summer, so everything is getting ready to welcome her.
The fabrics are amazing and the owls are just so cute. I can tell you right now I'll miss them :)

Começo a chegar à conclusão que sou mais criativa quando faço artigos personalizados, acho que há uma ligação à pessoa, especialmente se essa pessoa é simpática e adorável, torna-se tudo mais natural e fácil para criar artigos incríveis e adoráveis.
Estes 3 mochinhos fofinhos são para uma menina bebé que vai chegar no Verão, por isso temos todos os preparativos em curso para a receber.
Os tecidos são fantásticos e os mochos são adoráveis. Posso dizer-vos desde já que vou sentir saudades deles :)

segunda-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2012

Much love Monday


Another Much Love Monday that I get to be a part of. I'm always so pleased to join!!
I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's always a good idea to stop and think of everything you love and are grateful for.

Life's endless possibilities
Love and loved ones
The Sun! :)

What are YOU loving today?

Weekend creations ::: Criações de fim-de-semana

Doggies with collars, owls and shopping bag holders. :)

Cães com coleiras, mochos e puxa-sacos. :)

quarta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2012

My very first Treasury list :)

Silhouette Cameo : new experience

So today I've tried the print and cut feature from the Silhouette. I meant to create brand new tags for my products as the current tags are a bit rustic to say the least.

I chose a tag design and added the information. Then I multiplied the design to fill the page and it all looked pretty easy and perfect.

For the printer I have an HP Officejet G55, kind of an old printer, but really sturdy and it's been running perfectly for over 10 years now. I usually have it connected to my old computer, which I only turned on for that reason alone and it was getting frustrating. Now, with the Silhouette I finally had to make a decision so fortunately I was able to find a cable that did the trick and the printer was ready to go!

I quickly hit my first glitch as the printer doesn't print any text I add with the Silhouette Software, which means that the only way I had to add text was to create a jpeg file with the text and then add it as an image. I had no idea it worked like that.

With that problem solved I printed the first one and went to the silhouette for the cut part. Let me tell you, getting the machine to recognize the markings is sooo troublesome! I've googled and there are actually some people who haven't been able to do it AT ALL! I manage to do it, after a couple of tries, from what I gather, you can't really push the mat to the rollers, you have to keep it out and let the machine pick it up or it will skip the registration marks.

With that done, the cutting did not match the design on the screen. The first two were perfect, and then it starts to drag more and more and by the last one it's completely off the mark. I wanted to scream!! I tried and tried, I calibrated the machine, it is now perfectly calibrated according to the test but it still drags!
I guess I'll have to adapt the images I see on screen to match the end result, but I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have to, so I am beyond frustrated!
I've tried everything I could think of, but since the first column works, the 2nd starts to shift and the 3rd and 4th are completely off the mark, I really don't understand.
Initially the flowers (it was a flower tag) looked kind of oval, so I thought it might have to do with some fit to page feature I was selecting wrongly, but I can't really see where I can change that.

So by now I've ran out of ideas and I feel like I need to leave it aside for a while and maybe start all over again later... :(

My brand new design: Cute little doggie :: O meu novo design: Um cãozinho fofinho


This has been a very exciting time for me as I've been trying to come up with some designs for items I've always wanted to do.
The first one to actually get closer to being finished is this cute little puppy. I already know that the next one will have much longer ears than this one, but I still think it's the cutest little thing :)


Esta tem sido uma semana muito excitante para mim porque tenho estado a tentar criar alguns designs para artigos que sempre quis fazer.
O primeiro a estar quase complete é este cãozinho. Já sei que o próximo terá orelhas mais compridas, mas ainda assim acho-o amoroso :)

Also, unlike the others I've made before, this one is really meant to be a pillow, so I didn't really embellish the back, although I think it still looks pretty cute.

E, ao contrário dos anteriores que fiz, este é uma almofada, por isso não tem grandes pormenores na parte de trás, ainda assim acho que ficou giro.
So there you go, my new little friend :)

Aqui o têm, o meu novo amiguinho :)

domingo, 12 de fevereiro de 2012

RIP Whitney Houston

So incredibly said to hear about Whitney Houston's passing. I grew up listening to her, her songs were one of the reasons I learned english so young. Such a waste and a sad day!
The Grammys will be really emotional.

sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2012

Silhouette Cameo: First Review


So, yesterday I was able to spend a good amount of time with my Silhouette Cameo, so I'm less intimidated and more knowledgeable.

For starters I'm going crazy with my cutting mat! It just keep ripping my paper! I've tried vinyl and photo paper and it is just too sticky! I've been googling some solutions for this issue and I will be trying the simplest tonight: sticking and peeling the protection paper to see if it looses some adherence, because it's really annoying to keep ruining projects due to that issue.
Another issue I have with it: the noise. I read it was supposed to be quiet. Granted, this is my first cutting machine so I really can't compare, but when you watch videos on Youtube, it's always like just a small buzzing sound, nothing compared to the sound it's making at my house, I was afraid in the beginning I was doing something wrong, but now I think that's just the way the machine works.
Also, I've read that the reason the instruction manual cd didn't work is because I need to save in onto my laptop and then run it from there. We shall see if that works tonight.

Yesterday, as I've mentioned, I tried to cut vinyl. Today I tried the sketch function, because as you know I've bought the pens and let me tell you, the result is pretty awesome! It's lovely,clean, beautiful work, and since I have so much trouble connecting my laptop to my printer (I actually have to turn on an older computer, then send whatever I want to print through Bluetooth or email and then print it), I think I will be using this function for those simple, straightforward printing jobs :)
But what I'm most impressed with so far is the Silhouette Studio. It is amazing, limitless possibilities. Once you start learning what all the buttons are for, you really can make anything!
With a couple of hours yesterday I learned how to use it and was able to insert all of my patterns in the library, now it will be so much easier to do any project that requires appliques.

The Online Store, as I've mentioned yesterday, is such a huge temptation, I have to keep of it and only go there on Tuesdays hehehe. Oh, and I mentioned that the library that comes with the machine doesn't have a box or an envelope pattern. Turns our there is one box, a purse more like. So my mistake.
Today I'm stocking up on papers and that sort of supplies to keep testing it. Also, my interface for using fabric arrived today, so this weekend is looking very promising :)

I only wish it could be quieter so I could cut into the night...

quinta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2012

My very first Silhouette Cameo experience :: A minha primeira experiência com a Silhouette Cameo


It took me a while to get the courage to try the Silhouette, but that's just me, I'm intimidated by this sort of thing, it took me a week to try out my sewing machine when I bought it, so clearly I'm getting better! :)

Also, it didn't help my confidence that I had trouble running the cds, the setup one I had to install twice and the first time it gave me all sorts of errors and the second one I can't even run it, I'll try again tonight. Also, I haven't been able to register my silhouette as it doesn't accept the serial number I type in. Again, I'll try again tonight.
On a positive note it came with a plug to suit my portuguese needs, instead of having to use an adapter as I do with my sewing machine. It's so great that they've thought about those details, I'm really pleased!

I must say I was also a bit disappointed with the images available on my library, I was hoping to get at least one box and one envelope to try out before having to spend money. I know I bought the Silhouette mostly to cut fabric, but since I've started investigating, I have to say that those sorts of features really had my mouth watering, so I was kind of bummed I had to buy them from the online shop instead of being able of just immediately trying it out.
However, I also have to say the online store is AMAZING! This machine truly changes the way you do things from the moment you get it, no gift from me will ever look ordinary again!! :) I'm so pleased with the immense potential I already noticed even without trying too hard to figure it all out.

Even before I got it I knew what my first project would be. I've been dying to get some vinyl for my laptop cover as it is black and I truly dislike black laptops, I almost didn't get it because of that alone, but the excellent price won. I've been looking for them at shops but couldn't really find anything to suit me and my personality, so from the moment I decided to buy the Silhouette Cameo it was obvious what I had to do first. I bought this image from the week sales section of the online store, I just had to look at it to know this is what I wanted featured in my laptop. I love it when things just fall perfectly into place.

May I present to you, my very first Silhouette project, it was so easy and so quick to do, even for a newbie like me. The machine was actually louder than I expected, maybe I'm doing something wrong...


Demorei um bocadinho a ter coragem para tentar a Silhouette, mas é a minha maneira de ser, fico intimidada com este tipo de coisa, demorei uma semana a experimentar a minha máquina de costura quando a comprei, por isso estou claramente a melhorar! J.

Não ajudou que tenha tido problemas com os cds de instalação, o primeiro tive que o instalar 2 vezes porque dava imensos erros e o segundo ainda nem o consegui correr. Vou tentar logo.
Também não consegui registar a máquina porque o sistema não aceita o número de série que eu insiro. Vou tentar também logo.

Uma nota positive é que veio com uma ficha para as tomadas portuguesas, em vez de ter que usar um adaptador como faço com a minha máquina de costura. É excelente que tenham pensado nesse tipo de pormenor, fiquei muito satisfeita!

Devo dizer que também fiquei um bocadinho desiludida com as imagens disponíveis na biblioteca. Tinha esperança de ter pelo menos um modelo de caixa e envelope para poder experimentar sem ter que gastar dinheiro. Sei que comprei a Silhouette sobretudo para cortar tecido, mas desde que comecei a investigar, devo dizer que esse tipo de funções deixaram-me de água na boa, por isso fiquei um bocado chateada por ter que comprar na loja online em vez de poder experimentar logo.

Contudo, devo dizer que a loja online é ESPECTACULAR! Esta máquina muda verdadeiramente a forma como fazemos as coisas a partir do momento em que a adquirimos, a partir de agora nenhum presente meu será normal!! J Estou muito satisfeita com o imenso potencial que já vejo na máquina sem sequer ter tentado muito para a conhecer bem.

Mesmo antes de a receber, já sabia qual seria o meu primeiro projecto. Tenho andado a tentar comprar um vinil para a tampa do meu laptop, visto que ele é preto e eu detesto laptops pretos,por pouco que não o comprei só por isso, mas o excelente preço falou mais alto. Tenho andado a ver nas várias lojas, mas nunca encontrei nada que se adequasse à minha personalidade, logo a partir do momento em que decidi comprar a Silhouette Cameo soube o que ia fazer primeiro. Comprei esta imagem dos saldos semanais na loja online. Bastou-me olhar para ela para saber que era a imagem certa. Adoro quando as coisas batem certo assim.

Apresento-vos o meu primeiro projecto Silhouette, foi tão rápido e fácil de fazer, mesmo para uma novata como eu. A máquina fez um pouco mais de barulho do que eu esperava, talvez esteja a fazer alguma coisa de errado...

quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2012

It's heeeereeeee!!!! :D


How to find a spot for it on my work desk :)
I received it today afternoon, like half an hour before I was supposed to leave, aahhhhh!!!
I got the Silhouette Cameo, the crafting spatula, the universal hook, the 42 sheets of vinyl, the transfer paper and the sketch pens :D

Happy!! Can't wait to try it on :)

terça-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2012

Finished Project: Baby quilt for Zoe ::: Projecto terminado: Baby quilt para o Zoe


I've been trying to finish this quilt for some time now but lack of time and inspiration kept me from getting there.
It was supposed to be inspired by this one, except the name had to be inside a blue star and the lettering had to be in blue as well.

Tenho tentado acabar este quilt há algum tempo, mas devido a falta de tempo e inspiraçao, demorei a chegar lá.
Era suposto ser inspirado por esta, excepto que o nome tinha que esta numa estrela azul, com as letras a azul também.

Challenges: I don't do the same quilt twice, even if I wanted to, I don't have most of these fabrics anymore. Also the stars, apliqueeing all those sharp corners.

This was my first attempt at the top:

Desafios: Nunca faço o mesmo quilt duas vezes, e mesmo que quisesse, já não tenho a maioria destes tecidos. E as estrelas, aplicar todas aquelas esquinas.
Esta foi a minha primeira tentatica do topo:

It was the first time I tried a straight pattern, usually I just throw them randomly and see how it looks, I was kind of nervous about that. Also, the start did not pop at all with this design. So I had to try again and it worked SO MUCH better! May I present to you, the final version of Zoe's quilt :) :

Foi a primeira vez que usei um padrão, normalmente atiro os quadrados aleatoriamente e depois vejo como fica. Estava um bocado nervosa com isso. E ao mesmo tempo a estrela não se destacava com este design. Por isso tive que tentar novamente e funcionou MUITO melhor! Apresento-vos a versão final do quilt do Zoe :) :
the front

the back
Straight lined quilting, wonky stars, apliquéed stars and lettering, in all it's glory :) I hope he likes it...

Quiltado com linhas direitas, estrelas torcidas, estrelas e letras aplicadas, em toda a sua glória :) espero que ele goste...

sábado, 4 de fevereiro de 2012

Destiny is made of days like these... O destino é feito de dias assim...


Today was a very busy and important day. Won't get into very personal and completely useless details, except to say, today destiny showed me my way, more like smacked me into it and I am so thankful for it.
You really need to listen to what the Universe tells you, because otherwise it will either scream or shut up!

Oh yes, I was also stopped by the police and spayed my cat. Very busy day indeed!


Hoje foi um dia muito importante e ocupado. Não vou entrar em pormenores pessoais e completamente inúteis, mas basta dizer que hoje o destino mostrou-me o meu caminho, no fundo empurrou-me para ele e estou extremamente agradecida por isso.
Precisamos de ouvir o que o Universo nos quer dizer, porque senão ele grita ou cala-se!

Ah sim, e também fui parada numa operação stop e esterilizei a minha gata. Dia mesmo muito ocupado!