sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2012

Silhouette Cameo: First Review


So, yesterday I was able to spend a good amount of time with my Silhouette Cameo, so I'm less intimidated and more knowledgeable.

For starters I'm going crazy with my cutting mat! It just keep ripping my paper! I've tried vinyl and photo paper and it is just too sticky! I've been googling some solutions for this issue and I will be trying the simplest tonight: sticking and peeling the protection paper to see if it looses some adherence, because it's really annoying to keep ruining projects due to that issue.
Another issue I have with it: the noise. I read it was supposed to be quiet. Granted, this is my first cutting machine so I really can't compare, but when you watch videos on Youtube, it's always like just a small buzzing sound, nothing compared to the sound it's making at my house, I was afraid in the beginning I was doing something wrong, but now I think that's just the way the machine works.
Also, I've read that the reason the instruction manual cd didn't work is because I need to save in onto my laptop and then run it from there. We shall see if that works tonight.

Yesterday, as I've mentioned, I tried to cut vinyl. Today I tried the sketch function, because as you know I've bought the pens and let me tell you, the result is pretty awesome! It's lovely,clean, beautiful work, and since I have so much trouble connecting my laptop to my printer (I actually have to turn on an older computer, then send whatever I want to print through Bluetooth or email and then print it), I think I will be using this function for those simple, straightforward printing jobs :)
But what I'm most impressed with so far is the Silhouette Studio. It is amazing, limitless possibilities. Once you start learning what all the buttons are for, you really can make anything!
With a couple of hours yesterday I learned how to use it and was able to insert all of my patterns in the library, now it will be so much easier to do any project that requires appliques.

The Online Store, as I've mentioned yesterday, is such a huge temptation, I have to keep of it and only go there on Tuesdays hehehe. Oh, and I mentioned that the library that comes with the machine doesn't have a box or an envelope pattern. Turns our there is one box, a purse more like. So my mistake.
Today I'm stocking up on papers and that sort of supplies to keep testing it. Also, my interface for using fabric arrived today, so this weekend is looking very promising :)

I only wish it could be quieter so I could cut into the night...

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