sexta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2011

Finished: The Animals behind the Wheel Baby Quilt


I can finally show you the finished quilt. Unfortunately, the lighting these days is still pretty bad. I'll have to wait for the weekend, since they are predicting sunny days, to take the pictures for the Etsy listing.

I just didn't really want to wait that long to show YOU!

This quilt is about 40"x40". It is the most laidback, the most spontaneous quilt I have ever done. Usually, when I decide to make a quilt, I have pretty much everything set in my head by the time I begin, This one threw me for a loop as everything I had forseen just did not work at all! I don't even know how many times I started over, from the cutting and piecing to the quilting, as I've been ranting about for some time now.

Now I look at it and it just seems totally free and unique. The piecing isn't completely straight by any means, the squares aren't all the same size, most of them aren't even squares to begin with! The stippling if far from even, but surprisingly enough I love it!

For me, it's a baby boy quilt, even though there are touches of pink and flowers in it. I think it looks perfect and cozy for a cute little baby boy and it can actually be a part of the room decor for some time, as it is not too baby-like and it has a great size.

Hope you like it. For me it was a blast (ok, at times it was a pain) to make and it's amazing how much I keep learning from all the new projects. At the same time, the pride and joy of looking at something you made yourself is still priceless!
This quilt is, of course, about 95% Ikea fabrics. The only fabrics that are not Ikea are the blue and green frames :)

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