terça-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2011

I know I've been away...

And even missed Much Love Monday on Valentine's Day!
But I had my hands full!!
We rescued them yesterday. Straight from work I went to get them to the vet. At 7 weeks-old, their skin is in appaling conditions... They had nowhere else to go, so stayed the night with us, which for someone who's never had a dog was really an adventure. Luckily, my cats just decided to ignore them. We had to keep them apart for the cats' sake. They are leaving today, I'll miss them :)

This is Julieta, the only girl of the pack. The chubby one, the leader.

This is Sebastião, eats and sleeps more than anyother, Likes to be the center of attention

This is Gabriel, he is the tiny one from the pack. I think his skin is the worst. He usually cries when he cleans himself, poor baby. They all do actually, but Gabirel is the worst. Luckily they've already started the treatment.

And this is Romeu. Romeu loves to cuddle, everytime he sees me he just wants me to hold him and he'll fall right a sleep. He's so lovely and cute. If I could keep one, I would keep Romeu :)

Hope your Valentine's was as filled with love as mine!

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