sábado, 11 de dezembro de 2010

A few new purchases and bit of cleaning up

Yesterday I finally managed to go to the quilting shop I've been meaning to go for weeks now. The people there were amazing! I'm so happy I now have my rotary cutter back, I've been missing it like crazy. Also, they told me that the reason I have such a huge problem with cutting fabric properly might have something to do with me being left handed and so I should have the blade from the rotary on the other side of the handle. It might also be that I'm just really clumsy, but I've noticed I have to ´put a lot more effoirt into cut than what I see other people doing.
Still have no clue how the blade just stopped cutting. Maybe I need to put up huge posters around my table saying KEEP CLEAR FROM MY SCISSORS AND CUTTERS PLEASE, since it seems people think I'm joking when I say you can't cut anything other than fabric with them and they keep turning up ruined... It's also the problem of having a workstation that's basically a desk on the living room, in plain sight and reachable to just about anyone that need to borrow a scissor for whatever...

But anyway, it was great to get to know a new store, we have so few! I think most of you would be shocked with how behind Portugal is on this subject. I count about three shops somewhat close and we're talking about Lisbon!
From what I've seen so far, Moda fabrics are the easiest to come by, although from what I understand you won't find the same collections in different shops. Each shop buys a collection they know the other won't have. Amy Butler is very difficult to come by. You'll find a couple of fabrics from the latest collection and that's about it. Don't even get me started on Anna Maria Horner, I've never seen it on sale in any of the shops I visited, they don't even know what I'm talking about.
I don't mean to sound disrespectful,  it's just really frustrating to try and do something different without having to resort to online shops and, of course, huge delivery charges. And even when you do find designer fabrics, they'll cost above 12 euros per meter, it's so expensive!! Everything quilting related is expensive or nonexistent. I had to order freezer paper online, it's impossible to find, and if you do find it it will be in a quilting shop and it's, of course, expensive...

Thanks for letting me rant for a bit, really needed it! :)
I bought a couple of fabrics, from Free Spirit I think, and I bought flannel for the first time. I bought a really conservative kind, but I have a project in mind that I think will be perfect! Mostly, I just feel like holding it and never letting it go, but it would look weird to come to work holding a piece of flannel, I think...
I also bought my first piece of interfacing. I can't wait to finally get the time to try these new materials, I'm very excited!

They're not really meant to go together, I just buy as I like and then I get home and start mixing fabrics and seeing what I like.
I also decided to do a bit of cleaning up of my workspace and my fabric box (Yes it still fits in a box). I am becoming increasingly worried I've managed to pass on my fabric obsession to my younger cat Nico, as he seems to love sitting on the fabric and as soon as he sees an inch he jumps on top of it. I bet he'll be a great designer when he grows up.
 It's beginning to look like a proper stash. A smalish stash anyway...
My scraps have outgrown the small scraps recipient and are now in a bag. Yesterday was also the first time I actually put some scraps to good use. I have one last minute quilt to make and am almost out of the 12 Days of Christmas fabrics I've been using,. But then, all of a sudden, as I rummaged through my scraps I managed to find like 5 great pieces I had no idea I had! So yay for scraps! :)
And this is THE BOX. It contains all the fabric bigger than a scrap. The batting is in a huge bag, but with the projects I have until Christmas it should rapidly decrease...

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