terça-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2010

Exciting Day Ahead!


So yesterday I managed to quilt one of the two lap quilts I have to finish for Christmas. I also managed to add the binding to it, though I wasn't able to finish the hand sewn back. I thought of machine sewing it, but frankly it was just too late to be sewing, also I love the look of a hand sewn binding, well not all of it is hand sewn, just one side, you know what I mean! I love the finished look, the fact that there is not a stich in sight, just love it!

I took pictures but now I lost the cable so I hope to find it today. Again, very late in the evening for me.
Today I hope to spend a lovely afternoon with my mom and my sister and do a bit of shopping. One of the items of the shopping list is my Christmas Gift, which this year will be... FABRIC!! I'm giddy with excitment, can't think of a better way to spend shopping time than looking at fabric. Except of course if they dislike fabric I love or vice-versa. That would be very depressing, as I sometimes feel like an alien already due to my extreme love (ok obsession would describe it also) of fabric...

I'm sure it will be a GREAT day. Hope yours is too!

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