sábado, 2 de outubro de 2010

Today's Schedule [Blogtoberfest Day 2]

So today I wont be doing anything particularly artistic, I will however be very busy and I expect to finish the day feeling accomplished and happy.

So, as usual, working until 4p.m., then I'll be going to some early Animal Day's celebrations. My fave animal protection organizations will assemble on a beautifull garden in Lisbon and since I've been meaning to visit in like forever now I'll find them all together. It's also a pefect oportunity to meet face to face some of the people I speak with daily on Facebook but actualy never met! Just don't really know how I'll carry all the foodbags, Dog food is heavy!!!

After that amazing event I'll go to a friends how to do some pet sitting of her lovely cat, I've been doing that for some time now, and now that the Summer is gone, I haven't been there for a while and I really miss Maria!!

Also, I expect to assemble some furniture eventually, thus ending the extreme makeover home edition of my home.

All in all it will be a great day!! Just no quilting, I'm afraid...

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