sábado, 2 de outubro de 2010

Amazing giveaway at It's All About the Fabric!

Just found out about this amazing giveaway @ http://itsallaboutthefabric.blogspot.com/
It's one of the greatest giveaways I have seen since entering blogoland: The Entire Collection of Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush Fabric in a Giveaway!

How great would THAT be???

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  1. Hi, thanks for joining my Giveaway. You were right you do need to leave a comment per action, so 3 comments in total. I'll update my Blog to make that clearer. Many thanks again. Emma :)

  2. Oh ok, I'll update it then. You'll have a bunch of comments by me, sorry. Guess I should have asked before deleting the comments... :) Thank you for the oppotunity!