domingo, 3 de outubro de 2010

Rambling [Blogtoberfest Day 3]

Today I woke up and it was raining. Also I'm really missing my sewing projects, but I can't get back to them until I finish my home makeover project! Why must I multitask? Damn ambition! Today I hope to finish all of the furniture and the details, tonight the bed was already tested and made it impecably. Maybe I can even start my quilt sandwich tonight? wishfull thinking maybe, but a girl has to have goals.

Also I'm really sad because due to the rain, the Animal Day celebrations had to be canceled. Yesterday was so magical, and those little pets really deserved to have a weekend just for them... How can all these people that care so deeply for these animals have such bad luck? They should have amazing karma! flowers should bloom in their path... It's really unfair!

But let's turn this frown upside down! I've been wishing for Fall for so long now and it's finnaly here... Also, just heard that the one puppy I bonded with was taken out of the kennel and into an association, so he is now safe! And he's a she! :) Hope I can get to know her a bit better, she was really sweet, even though she was so very thin you could feel all her bones...Why can't I have a big house????

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