domingo, 31 de outubro de 2010

It's the last day, I'll miss it so much! [Blogtoberfest Day 31]

So a whole month has passed, time sure does fly when your having fun! I vow to be better next year. Also with my new sewing machine, I'll probably have a lot more projects to show.

One thing I like to do is mark a moment to remember later on. Like this one for example. Today I am here with this life of mine as it is. Next year by this time, how will my life be? I'll be 30 for one, and I'll be doing something completely diferent than what I'm doing today, profession wise. So what will I be doing? Will I miss the life I have today or will I be completely happy and gratefull as I usually am with the life I've been given?
And so I mark a present moment, to make sure that on October 31st 2011 I will stop at a given time, probably when I'm right here writing on my blog and will think wow, I remember perfeclty where I was one year ago, I marked the moment. Am I making sense?? :)

Where do you think you will be next year? Do you remember where you were a year ago?

2 comentários:

  1. I totally get your point, I like marking a moment in time as well. if I try really hard 'l probably remember my 31st of october going back to when i ws 13, because I alwaays celebrated halloween with my high school friends. and 10 years ago today i kissed my ex boyfriend for the last time at a friend's birthday party. i remeber really well that he bought me red roses and all night long i already knew i was going to break up with him, that was so uncomfortable..
    by next year, i'll be a mom!!! I will probably be home with my dogs, my princess and the hubby. and i won't be in bed the whole day, that's for sure!!!

  2. yeah, and all this bed rest will be so insignificant, you will barely remember it ;) Do you dress up your dogs for halloween? :)