sábado, 30 de outubro de 2010

[Blogtoberfest Day 30]


So big preparations are under way, I've got loads of projects going on at the same time, some sewing related, others not so much...
And, as we move towards December, it can only get worse, me being, as i've mentioned, the proud owner of a gift shop.

I must say I'm a bit sad that Blogtoberfest is about to end, even tough I missed a couple of days, it really kept reminding me of blogging, which is always good.

Regarding the Christmas Twinkle Collection, more precisely it's third project, I am at the quilting phase, which is all by hand as you know (not really by choice but not as bad as I thought it would be).
I struggling because this time I did a very poor work and sandwich making. The glue didn't work, think I'm running out of it, so the fabric keeps shifting. Amazingly enough, this was suppsosed to be the most basic quilting I will do for this Collection, only horizontal qullting and yet it's been harder than the previous two...

I think I need to get ten times as much pins as i have right now to make this work properly and forget the spary glue all together as I think it gives me alergies... nice!

Oh, and by the way, by my estimates, my baby is arriving in 4 days!!!

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