sexta-feira, 23 de julho de 2010

The purpose of hexagons in one's life

You might be wondering what do I need the hexagons for. After all, you usually pick out a project before starting to make it! Makes sense!

But for me, it's been sort of different. Because I REALLY enjoy making hexagons. I love picking out which part of the fabrics would be nice to feature in each hexagon, I love basting them, I love the end result, I love the anticipation of trying to imagine how it will all fall into place. And so, I have decided to keep doing them until I'm tired of it and then I will decide what to do, depending on the number of hexagons I made.
Of course I have some idea of things I would like to make. Some table mats, some pan holders, maybe even a table cloth or a quilt. I don't really know. For me it's all about enjoying the journey, something that I've learned to embrace, since it is completely out of character for me.
So I guess I see changes already, very good progress I supose!

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