quinta-feira, 22 de julho de 2010

My second project

You know when you are so excited about something you can't put it down? Like a book? Or a new pet? Or a new hobby? It's really not like I have a lot of free time on my hands, but I just ended up staying up later so that I could make new things.
Amazingly enough I decided my second project would be a quilt. Talk about overestimating myself! I made it a very small quilt because when the weather is cold I am addicted to lying or sitting on the couch with a nice comfy warm quilt or cover or blanket over me, and then my two cats on top. It's bliss :) so a nice cute quilt would be perfect.

Here is Nico sleeping on the unfinished project and the patchwork for the top of the quilt.

I still hadn't decided on the templates, so again I have unique squares, as I prefer to think about it, there is no square equal to another, they all have different sizes, hence making them unique! :)
Unfortunately when I got to the binding part I couldnt acutally do it with a sewing machine because it kept moving and I cant really hand sew with precision, not yet at least. So I bought one of those temporary adehesive sprays and so far it stuck really nicely but I'm waiting to be home at day time to actualy sew it together. To quilt it really. Then I will only need to fnish the edges for it to be finished. Also to put together a project such is this isn't easy when you have two very curious cats, also they really seemed to love the quilt so it's been tough...
My kitties having fun with my project.

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