sábado, 24 de julho de 2010

Hello again.
So after my setback yesterday, I found myself trying to decide if I should start over or just carry on. My natural instinct is to keep going, but I knew I would regret it down the road so I basically started over. With these new smaller hexagons I found I really needed to trim the edges. Also it's a bit harder because now I'm using paper and before I used a sort of thin card so it helped with the sewing because it kept the hexagons straighter.
Anyway, here was my progress last night. I've made 30 hexagons. It's not much and I expect to pick up speed as I gain more experience at it. I actually prefer these smaller hexagons.

The lack of fabric diversity is still an issue. Have you gone overboard when you start looking at your clothes and thinking that would make a great hexagon and in truth you really don't weat it that often?

I'm thinking of going down to a patchwork store today and buy some charm packs of fat quarters, though here they're usually expensive and not very original.
It's been a very busy week and I wish I had like 30 hours a day. Enjoy your Saturday. I miss having weekends and holidays and stuff...

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