quinta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2018

Things I've learned in my two year hiatus


I've been considering doing this for quite some time, not sure what I'd right. Should I just post something like no time has passed? Like those really great friendships where time goes by without talking and then you meet up and it's like you've spoken yesterday?

Or maybe I should do a post about all that has happened and why I haven't been here in two years?

I guess I'll just do both!

So, first things first... Things I've learned in my two years hiatus:

1. I'm an adult now!
Or am I? Well, I'm certainly living the adult life, but it hasn't quite sunk in yet. I'm 37 years-old, living with my boyfriend, my 3 cats, my one dog and his 2 dogs on the weekends and vacations (yes, he has shared pet custody!!!). I have a job and a school manager for a codding school for kids, which leaves me with a lot of time to do other things that fill my heart with joy, if only I wouldn't waste it all on empty, meaningless things like tv and emails that can wait.

2. I love writing.
So much so I've come to the conclusion that I would love to be a writer for a living. However, this is, as you probably know, a very difficult goal to accomplish, adding to this the fact that I prefer writing in English, which isn't my native language so...  A bit of a struggle, but I've also learned that if I write just because I love it and it feels me with immense joy and peace and fulfillment, it will be pretty great too! So we'll just have to see where that takes me.

3. I love sewing.
And I haven't been doing much of it at all!
Two years have seen a growth and a decline in my sewing. There have been times when I've been swamped with orders and projects and it made me happy but stressed, but now I see I prefer happy but stressed anytime than having my hours taken over by useless things like tv or work emails that can wait to be replied. So, there you have it, another goal.

4. I'm addicted to the gym
Trust me, if you knew me you would be very surprised indeed but, as it turns out, I love the gym, love how it takes all my worried away, how it makes me feel energized and young and strong. I love overcoming hurdles and noticing how I evolve.

5. Living with another person is hard!
Well, another person who you haven't lived with since birth. All the compromising and the give and take and the dealing with different personalities, habits and priorities is very hard work, I remember being exhausted for the first 4 months or more. But it is also a big learning experience, and so rewarding if things end up being okay and if you're really respectful and patient about it, of course :)

I wish I could post here a photo for everything I've sewn since the last time I've posted, hopefully I will be able to show you some of it from now on.

Stay tuned! I am back! :D


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