sexta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2015

Where do you come from?

A while ago I received a surprising E-mail. I was invited to participate in an international project. The concept is asking people from around the World to make a quilt block that represents their country. Later these blocks are published in a book and joined into a quilt. The proceedings of the book will go to Unicef.

I confess I've never participated in a quilt a long before, I've never had the confidence to do so. I confess this block was made in two hours because I didn't have enough time for more. I confess that, looking at the galery of other blocks, I'm slightly intimidated and if I'd seen them before making my block, I would have probably given up. 

But I just couldn't miss this opportunity. The project is fascinating and the cause very worthy.
And here it is, my block, my interpretation of a Portuguese cobblestone sidewalk (Calçada Portuguesa) with the colors representing our lovely sun, the breathtaking Douro valleys and, of course, our sea.

My block is called Saudade. (because I'm missing the sun and the beach right now!)
I'm very happy to participate, even if slightly embarrassed I didn't make something more elaborate, due to lack of time and procrastination..
Get to know the project and block gallery here:

And let me know, who else is participating? :)

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