quarta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2011

Finished Project : baby quilt for baby Kiko

It feels great to have the time to work on my projects at full speed. Of course, as you well know, this only brings more projects into one's head and it never really stops, does it?

The challenge was to make a baby boy quilt, in blues, with a "Gant" blue binding, and let me tell a lot of research went into what exactly "Gant" blue is. This was my conclusion, except now I feel the need to go shop at Gant since I've seen so many of their sweaters...

Mushi had to pop in for a quick supervision. Always the supervisor, never the recipient, poor kittens. Off to the washer it goes. The quilt, not Mushi :)

As usual these photos were taken as soon as I finished, which means it's night and there is no proper lighting. Oh, and I used my phone to take them. Sorry about that, I just get to excited and have to share immediately!


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