quinta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2011

[Blogtoberfest Day 13] Crafty Halloween Ideas needed!

I've got no pictures to show you today, as I'm too tired to even think about sewing. I've started my day at Ikea and ended it in class, so it's safe to say I'm ready for bed.

In the meantime, Halloween is fast approaching and I'm trying to plan some fun classes for my kids, I intend to make it a big Halloween stravaganza, particularly for the 4th graders, since it's their last year before "real school"

We'll be doing games, decorations and songs and, of course, masks for the big day. Any ideas on simple cradts that are fun and easy to do with a big class? I wish I could work with crazy materials, but since there are so many students, paint or clay are out of the question, I supose...

I could really use your help! :)

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