domingo, 1 de maio de 2011



These past few days have been really productive (I guess Laura was right, all it took was a bit or rain for me to focus).
Speaking of which...let me tell you, the weather was more than bad, it was freakishly bad! We had hale storms in Lisbon like we've never seen, even during Winter... and we've been having a really hot Spring, I've even been to the beach a couple of times. It was literally one day 28º, the next, this: 

The most beautiful soccer stadium in Portugal :P
And, of course, once it all melted, it was chaos...

But back to the subject at hand, I've been working on two projects at the same time. Well, sort of, it was more like I started a second project before I finished the first. The idea was to complete both tops and now move on to finish them together, maybe even with the same fabric for the backing.

The first one I've shown you a couple of posts back, so here is the second quilt. It's a Summer quilt for my mom's bed.

I haven't really ironed it properly yet, so sorry about that. Here is the finished result. Well, finished result and then some. It was actually too big, both to the sides and on top...

Like, this much more... :) So I decided to cut the extra and maybe use it for the pillows or something...

And there you have it, both my projects, ready to be finished.
I'm really excited to see the end result.
Leave it to sewing to get me in a good mood.

Oh, and here in Portugal today is Mother's Day so, even if your not in or from Portugal, a big hug and congrats to all the mothers out there! Every day is a good day to salute you!

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