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Latest Update on my chaotic work process


I've been meaning to post to show you what I've been doing but I wanted it to be a suprise for my sister, one of the recipients, so I couldn't really. Also I tend to put off blogging, even though I keep gathering pictures, so I'll try to make some sense out of all the chaos!

I had two quilts to finish, as I've mentioned before. I decided to buy very similar fabrics for both quilts and use the same binding. So I've been working on both and now that it's all finished and delivered, I'm sharing them with you. Here is the photographic coverage:

the binding

the backing for the retro quilt (My sister's quilt)

I felt like I was sewing a wedding dress!

The backing for the summer quilt (mommy's quilt)

the final outcome of the Summer quilt
Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the finished retro quilt. I've asked my sister to take some, so here's hoping I'll get them any time soon.
The quilting method was the same on both quilts: straigh lines on the white stripes, quite subtle, I've discovered I alway prefer the fabrics and the patterns to be the wow factor instead of the quilting, maybe because I don't feel that confident on my quilting skills yet.

I've been asked to make some pillows to go with the quilts, but I kinda dislike making pillows and I've already got this new project so I think they'll have to wait a while :)

I absolutely love this Summer quilt. It's very light and airy, it somehow reminds me of thoe white villages in the Greek Islands, don't know why, wishfull thinking I suppose ;)
I can't wait for full-on Summer, sunny days will really make this quilt shine!

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