quarta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2010

The takeover has begun!

Remember a while back when I showed you my fabric box? Well, I upgraded. I now have a lovely Ikea cabinet. Well, they call it a bookcase... Mr. Ikea always comes through for me!

Please excuse the mess, I haven't quite found the place for everything yet.
After it was finished I looked at it and it felt just right. And then it clicked. One of my favorite gifts this Christmas was a vinyl my best friend made for me (yes, besides all the amazing other gifts she made for me) and I have been trying to find the perfect place for it in my bedroom and haven't been able to. I have some busy walls, let me tell you. And the free ones are too far from my bed and I can hardly see it. But then, looking at this new corner, it made perfect sense. And so, the lovely vinyl finally got a place of its own.

I know it's just a corner (so far), but it's got so many things I love all bundled up. It's got fabric, of course, Ikea, cats, handmade goodies, candles, inspiration and the little wooden case has my painting supplies. Everything a girl could wish for ;)

Any bets for how long will it take me to need another upgrade? :)

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