segunda-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2010

Last of the Christmas Twinkle Collection

Hello everybody.

Hope you had a great weekend! By Friday I decided to look at the calendar and got a bit scared... Right then and there I decided that the first thing to be done was to start making the top of the last quilt for the Christmas Twinkle Collection a.k.a. the last top for the last quilt I'm making as a Christmas gift. This one is for an aunt. I was considering using the stripe pattern for the quilt, but frankly I've done so many of those already, and so many squared ones as well, I decided to do a completely new pattern. Granted, it defies the whole "Collection" concept, but it's still a quilt, it's still a Christmas quilt, so I figured it was ok...

I decided to make a Brick Quilt (tutorial here, if you wish to make one). Very simple but visually impressive I think. So Saturday night it was all about cutting the fabric, which was quite the challenge, as my rotary cutter is broken, and I only have one, so I had to cut it with a scissor and boy, what a difference!!

It was all about the reds and the blues with a splash of green. I used 12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain (Once again, I know, what can I say? I'm in love!!) and Ikea fabrics.

By yesterday evening, it looked like this:

It's such an easy pattern to make. It took me about two hours to piece, if you take out all the distractions and interruptions. And although this is the most discrete quilt I've done, colorwise, the white really makes the colors pop and overall I think it worked out great! I randomly placed my bricks, just paid particular attention to the borders, making sure I didn't place the same bricks on top of one another, and of course, I made sure there weren't next to each other in the rows...

I probably wont get to baste it until tomorrow, but I fell I've made real progress this weekend.

All I have to do until Christmas, besides working 7 hours a day, 7 days a week, is to sandwich and quilt and bind two quilts, do the same to a huge bed spread my mom asked me to make for her bed (about 79"x118"!!), and that's about it! Oh, and breathe, I must remember to breathe!!

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