segunda-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2010

Finished Quilt: Christmas Twinkle number 8! The end!!

I must admit I'm feeling a bit nostalgic.
Also, I'm not really sure what I'm suposed to do with my time now that my goal has been reached.
Finally, had I known I would have some time left, I might have done things a bit diferently, a bit more perfect. There was a point in the process where I had to decide wheter I'd rather have some perfect quilts ready by Christmas, or have them all ready, though not as perfect or at least as detailed as I'd wanted. I chose the second choice.

First of all because the people I made them for are all just to darn important for me to pick and chose from the group which would get one and which wouldn't.
Secondly, I know they know I'm just starting. I bought my first sewing machine in July, I finished my first quilt in August, I started the Christmas Twinkle Collection in October and have since made 8 lap quilts among other projects.
Also, I know some of the faults I see won't be noticed by someone who doesn't look at them as closely as I have been looking. I also know, some will probably be noticed. But I've improved greatly from the first ones, and I intend to keep on improving, This project has taught me a lot.

And hopefully these quilts will show these people just how special and truly important they are to me.

Regarding this last quilt, it wasn't really meant to exist, it was a last minute adition to the list that brought this on. I had very few 12 Days of Christmas fabric left. On the other hand I had just bought new fabric, so it is completely diferent from the others. But I absolutely love it! Bear in mind the next couple of photos were taken at very late hours and no pressing occured prior to them. So no, it's not that crooked, it's just poorly photographed!

The fabrics were Ikea's, 12 Days of Christmas and some recently purchased Freespirit. I quilted it with some straight lines on both sides of the strips, except for the really small strips, which were quilted in the middle. It gives it a cushy look I just love.

Another feature I just love is THIS fabric. I love it so much I've ran out of it. I have to go to Ikea and buy some more. It's a really cute fabric and works very well with a lot of different options.

So that's that, Christmas Twinkle Collection is ready for offering. On to the next!

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