quarta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2010

Christmas Twinkle Collection: The Brick Quilt


Yesterday I managed to finish the quilt I was working on. It was a bit tricky and I'm still not entirely convinced, so I'll just show you and see what you think :)

I kept the quilting really simple, just some straight lines (well, not so straight in the back but that's another story). It was made with Ikea fabrics, Ikea backing and some Kate Spain 12 Days of Christmas.
It's also the biggest one I've ever done. It's about 60"x45". It's meant for an aunt with two sons, so I kept away from the pinks, just a bit of pink in the back. 

Of course now that it's finished, I've managed to add a new project to the mix. And then there were EIGHT!

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