segunda-feira, 1 de novembro de 2010

Unveiling time!!

Today I can present to you my second Christmas Twinkle Collection. It's for my sister's birthday, which is today. It is really diferent from the first and third ones, but my thoughts were, I know i wont be able to hide the lap quilts for long, because I can't really keep a secret when I'm excited, so I knew I would share pictures, etc. So my idea was to keep them guessing. At the birthday lunch I'll have two more future owners of these quilts, so my idea is to make them wonder which one will be theirs :)

This lap quilt is a bit wider than the first one, due to the squares, I guess. When I realised it, I couldn't bring myself to take any of the out, so i just left it as is. Also, this is a quilt to be shared by at least two people at a time, so it makes sense. (Not discriminating single girls, ladies, it just turned out that way!)

No cats were involved in the taking of this picture!!

The finished "pillow" look and the buttons, I HAVE to have buttons :)

So we have a 42"by 56" lap quilt (weird number I know!). The fabrics are as usual, some Amy Butler, some Moda, some solids and some Ikea fabrics. The backing is Ikea as usual  and the binding is a white solid cotton, a bit stronger than what I usualy use. There is no particular pattern to it, the only pieces I made sure were placed correctly were the christmas fabrics and what I call the Picnic fabric from Ikea, separating the two rows of christmas fabric. I only did this to make sure they were all over the quilt. Other than that, I just placed them as they came out of the bag. Regarding the quilting, it was hand quilting as you know, I've made the usual pattern just a bit wider than usual as I thought it would look too busy with the fabric squares. The batting is the same as the previous one, all fluffy and cuddly looking. Yes, these are scientific terms to describe a batting :)

Here is is, ready for delivery. Yes it is a Christmas gift wrap, but it is my favorite right now, received it this week and I am in love with it. Did you know it takes an entire sheet to wrap this baby up? It barely fits my largest bag! I'll let you know how the gifting went ;)

4 comentários:

  1. adoro a manta que fizeste para a tua irmã, simplesmente adoro quadrados! e os teus embrulhos sao o máximo, fazem-me lembrar rebuçados.

  2. Os quadrados são sempre mais tradicionais, têm sempre aquele ar acolhedor. Adoro fazer embrulhos diferentes, com uma loja como a minha só podia também :) Tenho essa vantagem!

  3. Amiga, adoro os quadrados! E o embrulho! E gostei tanto da minha ideia de sacos de fim-de-semana em patchwork :) e isto não é de todo uma candidatura. Não. Mas podia ser :p