segunda-feira, 22 de novembro de 2010

I'm baaacckkk :)

Turns out this weekend was exactly what I needed! If was chaotic, intense, really busy but also really really fun!

Also, finally I discovered the kids fabric section on Ikea. I was used to going to the big fabric section, but somehow I woke up one of these nights thinking "there's got to be a kid section" and so the next time I visited I went straight to the kids general section, thinking if I didn't find fabric I might at least find some cute bed sheets and, sure enough, there were the kids fabrics :) For you this is probably not very news worthy, but for me this is all somewhat of a novelty, so bare with me please. Also, cute fabrics at a great price in Portugal is always a good reason for celebration.

I also bought a brand new backing for the remaining quilts from the collection. I love the pink stripes but I must confess I was getting really tired of looking at it daily. Also, I think this one has a bit more edge and will be perfect for the recipients of the next quilts I'm making, but on the other hand it's kind of within the same concept of the former fabric.
Oh, and that staple gun if for the headboard I intend to start on today. Remember when I told you about the bedroom makeover I did back in September. Well, it's still going and now it's time for the headboard for this bed:

I already have the board, the foam and the stapler gun which I'm really really excited to try by the way. Today i'll get the fabric and I guess we'll be finding out what I'm made of! Pictures soon.

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