terça-feira, 5 de outubro de 2010

Scrappy Tuesday [Blogtoberfest Day 5]

So today is a very important holiday in Portugal. It marks the 100th brithday of the Portuguese Republic and there are dozens of events going on all throughout the country. I, of course, am working, as I do every single day of the week... I so miss holidays and weekends and staying in bed until late in the day... This sucks!

Ok, now that I took that out of my system, I'd like to introduce you to my very own first scrap jar!
I haven't had a lot of projects yet, ergo not that many leftovers. I wonder if I'll ever get to use these, I certaninly hope so, must be one heck of a feeling to use these scraps most people would throw out. But all the blogs and pages I follow have really inspired me in all sorts of ways. I admire your creativity, your drive and have learned much from you also. Including how to be less wastefull...
Regarding yesterday's sandwich, I've managed to continue to work on it, even though I don't have that much progress to report.
Yesterday I used the spray glue as I usually do, but somehow I think I did something wrong. Don't really know if it has to do with the fabrics used or the fact that my batting is diferent from what I usually use but it didn't really stick. So I decided to pin it as well, though with the use of the glue it wasn't necessary to pin as much as I would have to otherwise.

Can't really show you any pictures at this time, but I will. Very soon :)

Now on to the quilting. My most dreaded step. First of all because my sewing machine doesn't do free motion. So I'm forced to do straight line quilting. Which would be fine if the lines would indeed be straight, which they usually aren't. I think I'me more experienced now than the last time I quilted, but I'm still nervous... Anyway, I've got my lovely seam ripper now so it should at least be quicker to undone... That's the spirit! ;) Wish me luck!

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