segunda-feira, 13 de setembro de 2010

If I could ask for anything...

... I wouldn't ask it for myself, I wouldn't even ask for anyone I know... Or for any person for that matter.
I am truly passionate about animal wellfare. I suffer deeply for any animal that I know is suffering, I spend hours on end thinking of how can we change the way things are done in this country. A country where an animal is an object, where nothing happens to people who abandon, kill, torture, starve animals. It happens daily, not one day goes by without me hearing of some sort of horror, see pictures of a poor small inocent animal in serious distress fighting for his life not knowing when his next meal will be, not knowing where he will lay his little head to sleep tonight or even if he will be able to, not knowing if he will be alive tomorrow. So many animals come to our attention and by the time someone gets to them it's too late. Sometimes they get to have some comfort and attention and even love in their last hours, most of them don't.
How are we as presumably "superior" beings able to hurt such an innocent soul? Regardless of how complex their level of thinking is, they do think, they do feel, they do hurt and suffer, they love. And their love is the greatest in the world, it is unconditional. Even when an animal is mistreated, his human is still his whole world. When an animal is left by the side of a street, he still remains there for days on end waiting for his human to come back. And if he would, the animal would greet him with love and appreciation.

It truly breaks my heart... I think about it every night before I go to sleep and everytime I look into my kitties' little eyes. What they have isn't a priviledge, it's a right and today, I'm not sure I'll live to see the day when that becomes a reality for all of them. On the other hand, I can't imagine living the next decades suffering like this... something has to change!

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