quinta-feira, 22 de julho de 2010


Hello cyberspace!
I do realise I am talking to myself but that is the whole idea, to send out my ideas to the Universe as my own personal infinite diary.

I decided to create this blog in order to document my journey through life basically!
Also I am hoping it really makes a difference in my life, not also because I really AM happiest when crafting, but also because I believe it can teach me a lot about myself.
First of all, I am a business woman (girl is more what I consider myself, but my ID says differently). I have my own business and in this day and age there is nothing quite as stressfull and nerve wrecking than to own a store in this economy. Usually, when in extreme stress and anxiety I would eat. A lot. And my weight sure shows it... So it has dawn on me that I needed to find something that would sooth me and calm me down as much as a hefty meal would usually do.

I always dabbled in crafts. I would love to be great at it. I made a table cloth when I was 15. I paint. well actually I copy stuff I see, I am too unsure of myself to actually create something (5 months of therapy showed me THAT little bit of information). I made a sofa back for my family beach house, I made a cushion for my best friend's birthday, I used to alter some of my clothes.

But recently quilting has caught my attention. It has beautiful results and I also thought it would teach me patience and thoroughness. I am not thorough and precision is not my middle name. I can't draw two identical straight lines. Also I have a really big issue with finishing projects. So this is a big challenge!

Anyway this interest got bigger when I went to London to visit my best friend and found some incredible stores, some incredible items, and a John Lewis sewing machine that is just too cute for words and really cheap as far as sewing machines go.
Another big obstacle for me is that there are very few quilting/patchwork stores here in Lisbon. Ah! Yes, I am portuguese and live in the outskirts of Lisbon.

So anyway my hope is to create beautiful things, things I am proud of accomplishing with a little personal growth on the side and a lot of body fat decrease as well. Wish me luck cyberspace!!

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