quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2014

Remembering what it is all about...


Lately I've been feeling a bit frustrated with my projects. They began feeling lazy to me, not very challenging. This little quilt proved to be the opportunity to get back on my proverbial quilting horse.
It is a special gift for a much desired baby.

I decided to take out my free motion quilting gloves and get on it. I must say it was quite a sad moment to realize that I hadn't used them in over a year, probably longer. How is it that we get stuck in just completing projects for time management sake and not really stop to think how we can make them more challenging? Is it the work load? Can we call work something we love doing?

I guess that's exactly the question, when did my favorite hobby become work?

It took me a little under an hour do get this little project quilted and I have to say it cleansed my soul :D
Oh, and it doesn't look bad either hehehe.

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