quarta-feira, 19 de março de 2014


Tomorrow will be a big day.

Since my little shop closed, some issues were left unsolved, mainly because there was a dispute with the shopping mall owner and they basically sued me and it's been hanging over my head since then.

Tomorrow will be a court hearing, the last. Tomorrow I'll sit at that table and here all sorts of things inallywill be said about a chapter I wished was closed many months ago but have today realized it's just as raw as the day I closed my business.

I'm asking the Universe to give me strength and serenity to not only go through the whole process without losing the peace I have fought so hard to achieve ever since that day, but also to allow me to learn and take something very positive from this experience. I ask that it helps me grow and mature and that by facing them, I finally realize I am no longer the scared girl that was so out of her depth. Now I am a woman, a serene, confident woman and hopefully being there will make me know that, rather than just wishing it.

So, root for me please, and send me your good vibes. I thank you deeply in advance :)

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