sábado, 27 de outubro de 2012

{Blogtoberfest Day27} Kind of bummed...


So yesterday I got my first negative feedback on Etsy. I was really sad, but mostly because I think it was unfair and that kind of hurts when the person who is giving you the feedback is someone you've really talked to.
She said that it took her a month to receive the item. When I receive new orders, I always make sure I contact the person to let her know when she will be receiving the item, depending on the amount of work I have at the time. She ordered the item on September 27th after dinner and I immediately told her it would take me about a week to get to her item. I shipped it on October 10th and unfortunately for me, it took the post about 10 days to deliver it to her, which is completely beyond my control. But anyway, we exchanged several messages during this period and she never mentioned she thought it was taking longer than expected.

Second issue, she said the item was much smaller than described. I describe it as being about 17 inches long, she said it was about 12 inches. This I have to say, freaked me out.
Because I admit I don't measure it in the end before shipping it, but I do measure it when I cut the fabric, and it is always the same amount, obviously, so I am completely in aww that it could suddenly shrink 5 inches without me noticing it! But still, I accept returns, exchanges, refunds, the works, she could have contacted me, as she did so many times during this process and I would gladly have made her a new one, if she felt is wasn't up to par.

So now I'm trying to decide whether I should contact her and try to understand what happened or just leave it alone and move on. I have so little feedback, I haven't had that many etsy purchases and even fewer feedback, it was really desolating for me.

I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't bring this up on the blog, but really, where else can I express this and maybe ask for advice on how to proceed? My blog is my craft (and sometimes non.craft) diary :)

What should I have done differently? What do you think I should do? Any thoughts?

Thank you :)

(P.S. I can't believe October is almost over, I'll miss Blogtoberfest, as I always do after it is done hehehe)

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  1. I am also an Etsy seller, and have yet to receive negative feedback so my advice might not mean much to you but I'll try! I don't think there's anything else you could have done, and I would personally contact her and offer a refund or another item free, if she would like it. I think that's what I would do to be professional. Then, if she doesn't answer, you can move on, and if she does, you can make the item and move on. But it's up to you!

  2. Hello Jessica, I understand what you are saying and it makes total sense. Thank you for the advice.