segunda-feira, 29 de outubro de 2012

{Blogtoberfest Day 29} ok ok, maybe I can show you just a little...

Orignal,  unique and handmade by me and a surprisingly crafty group of volunteers from my animal rescue group, Animalife, we are making these to auction for a much needed cash flow.

As you may know, in Portugal we are facing a tough recession and often either the family's pets are cast aside or the families struggle with taking proper care of them. So we try to help, either by trying to help an abandoned pet or to help the families with the basic needs of their pets (food, vet, etc.). For this of course, we need money and we thought is was a nice trade of, I think both parties are equally benefited. So there you go, my top secret project. :)

I can't wait to see if the general public agrees. heheh

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