terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2011

Hello Blog, I've missed you!

I see here I've posted on the 14th but to me it seemed so much longer than that! I've been über busy lately! Although I work only 4 hours a day and this schedule suits me just fine, there is always so much more to do, I'm still getting quilt comissions, wich I love and it makes me so so happy, but at the same time, something has to give, I suppose. And lately, it's been blogging.

I'm currently working on two quilts for a couple of baby boy twins. The idea was to make two different quilts that complement each other. The only specific request was that I added their names to the quilts.

This is what I've got so far:
This first one is almost complete, all it needs now is to trim the edges and then add a solid frame around it for some balance. To me, a nice solid frame is perfect for making the colors stand out and, let's face it, in a boy quilt, with such cold colors, it needs a little something to make it pop!

For the second one, I still need to sew all the rows together as well as adding the frame, but I think that you get the idea from these pictures.

Hopefully it will work out as nicely as I see it in my head!

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