segunda-feira, 13 de junho de 2011

Much Love Monday

Today is actually a holiday in Lisbon, it's St. Antonio's Day, which is the saint people pray to for love and marriage, perfect right? The whole city is a huge party ground.

With one hour short of the end of the day, we are celebrating Much Love Monday! :)
Today was a great day, I day full of sun and hot weather. A day filled with new opportunities, life still manages to amaze me, with all the surprises it sends my way.

How can we not love that??

 Here's a Manjerico for you, it's traditionally given on this Day to those you love, with a traditional verse on top. It smells amazing! It reminds me of basil (manjericão in portuguese) times 10!! With all my love and friendship.

What are YOU loving today?

2 comentários:

  1. oh how cool - my husband and I got married on June 13th - seems pretty appropriate! :D I'm lovin' my husband today - it's our second wedding anniversary!

  2. What a great celebration! How could you not love life on a day like that?!