segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2011

Much love Monday

I still have two hours to go before monday ends, so here goes: Much love monday is on! :-)

This is actually not a very inspired day for me, I have a huge headache and I haven't had that many novelties to inspire me. So I guess it's a good day to love the constant things in my life that makes it worthwhile, that bring me daily joy...

My loved ones
My cats
This blog
My sewing machine (yes, THE machine, just looking at it makes me smile)
Thinking of new projects and the process of bringing smal pieces of fabric together into something lovely
The rain that is falling today after the scorching temperatures of the last couple of weeks

And I guess it's pretty good!
Now I'll leave you with the latest picture of one of my cats, my male tabby, that has decided it was a good idea to sleep on my chest, even though, as I've mentioned, it's been really hot and he's kind of chubby...
LOVE IT! :-)
What are YOU loving today?

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