segunda-feira, 14 de março de 2011

Wip: The biggest quilt I've ever made ::: O maior quilt que já fiz

...which, granted, isn't saying that much ;)
I've completed another stage, so now I have the centre of que quilt complete:

...o que, ok, não é dizer muito ;)
Completei outra fase, agora já tenho o centro do quilt completo:
I notice some things I would change, but frankly I don't think there has ever been a project I would say looked perfect, I guess you look at it so much you know every single detail...
Next stage is the white stripe around this centre and then another fabric frame to finish the top. It is  going to be huuuugggeeee, I have no idea how I'll quilt this... maybe by hand?

Noto algumas coisas que gostaria de mudar, mas francamente acho que nunca terminei um projecto que posso dizer que ficou perfeito, acho que de tanto olhar para ele já conheço todos os pormenores...
A próxima fase é uma faixa branca à volta deste centro e outra moldura de tecido para acabar o topo. Vai ficar ennnooorrrmmmeee, não faço ideia como vai ser o quilting... à mão talvez?

2 comentários:

  1. It is beautiful.
    Like you every project of mine there is always something that - I'd change - after seeing the final result.
    I suppose this is just our own evolution with the WIP and in life

  2. Hello Gina.

    That's exactly it for me as well! I evolve along with my quilting skills and quilting has taught me so much about me and what I want to achieve.