quinta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2010

Christmas is here!!


Yesterday was the day for bringing Christmas into my home. I, Miss Mushi and Mr. Nico decided it was time!
Since these two cuties arrived at our house, Christmas trees started having an expiration date. Usually two years before the twigs get so bent out of shape that we have to get a new one. Well, our former Christmas tree served us well, it was all white and very different from what we used to do, perfect to go with the new living room. But this year we returned to green and it was so lovely! Maybe less fashionable or modern than the previous years, but definitely more Christmassy and cozy!

It's a bit smaller than usual, but it was also much more easy to light. Also it fits better in the living room, the others we felt were too imposing.

Every year we buy new decorations which means that the amount of decorations keeps growing and the tree remains the same size or, in this case, gets shorter. Some decorations though are all time favorites and keep coming back until they are too old or the kittens decide to reform it, of course...
I strongly advise doing the tree with your pets around, they are such a great help!

They always let you know if a branch isn't looking good or if it's not attached correctly and, of course, they will always test its resistance and balance by examining every single level of the tree, all the way to the top! It's really a precious help...

Here are some of my favorite decorations. The first two are from a trip to Bruge, I'm so pleased to visit places with all year Christmas shops.

 My cooking fairies. Who would cook our Christmas dinner if I didn't have them?? They used to be a couple more, but they were to tired so now they just eat!

This lady got a bit of a flash in the face, sorry about that!

As for the getting the rest of the room in the Christmas spirit, I must say I haven't done much. I have however decided that the couch should keep up and bought this amazing Ikea cover for my lovely Erktop. It is usually white during the year, but on Christmas, it looks like this:

Well, it looked better before Mushi inspected it, but I was in a hurry to leave and wanted to bring the photo so I could do this post ;).

And of course, the lovely faux poinsettia. Since I discovered poinsettias were poisonous for cats, I decided plastic ones would do fine. And these actually look cute and real-like.

Now, it's always a guess how we'll find the Christmas tree and the decorations when we get home. Usually they are fine, because for some reason cats only misbehave when you're there to witness it, but you never know. Exciting, hum? :)

It's still a work in progress, but it's official, Christmas is here!!

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