segunda-feira, 8 de novembro de 2010

Gratitude Monday

Today I poped by artsy-crafty babe and she has a sort of tradition of holding a gratitude friday and I just loved that idea! I loved it so much, I think I will try to establish a Gratitude Monday on Happiest when Crafting. I hope It's not going to turn out to repetitive, but some things you just can't be too gratefull about.

I chose Monday because I think it's the toughest day of the week and sometimes you just need that uplifting view on your own life to remind yourself that your life is pretty great!

So here we go. I am most gratefull for:

My health (I know I'm very lucky as I really don't do much for it)

My family (disfunctional yes)

My cats (Part of my family, really, but I just needed to make it clear)

My friends (Some people say they are lucky to get one or two really good friends. I actually believe I have like four or five really great friends, friends that I can count on no mater what and regardless of where life takes us and how many weeks go by without catching up)

My ability to enjoy the simple pleasures in life (I actualy realised this yesterday, it doesn't really take much for me to have a blissfull moment, simple things really, like a really great sunset or watching my cats sleep, looking at a finished quilt 100% done by me, the trees in Autumn, you get the picture) I hope I never lose it, even though at times I may feel to stressed to notice it.

In general, I feel really gratefull for all the protection I feel around me. I'm not religious so I won't call it God, but I know it's not random, I don't believe in coincidences, and you might call it luck. Call it what you like, I believe I, as well as everybody, am protected and it is up to us to see that and embrace it, even when bad things happen, or things you may percieve as bad, for me, are opportunities to grow and I do truly believe that they happen to you for you benefit, even if you are unable to see it at the time. And that's ok too...

What are you gratefull for?

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