quinta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2010

The story of this particular fabric...

As you know, I'm just starting in this quilting/patchwork business and so I didn't have any fabric stash. however there is one fabric I decided to incorportate on some of the quilts which has a very special meaning to me.

Can you guess what this used to be?
 This fabric used to be a cotton kimono. When I was about 7 or 8 not really sure, but I know I was really small, my dad went to Japan, I remember thinking how exotic that sounded. On the day he returned there was actually a power failure so we had no electricity. I remember opening the presents he bought us by candle light in the kitchen :) He bought me what I think was my first watch. It was really cool and I could see all the different time zones in different cities of the World. He bought us a portable cd player which was unheard of in Portugal at the time. I know I had never heard of it at least. Wasn't really that portable, we couldn't move it much without jumping the cd... And he bought all of us some kimonos, of course. My mom's was blue silk, my sister's was cotton pink and mine was red. I loved it, made me feel really fancy. I used it years on end until I was for some reason polishing my black shoes and managed to stain it really bad in the front. Also I lost the belt, my sister and I were always tying each other up trying to see who could get free the fastest and belts were a must. So a few months ago when I was talking to my mom about possible fabrics I could use for the quilts she remembered this old number, kept on some drawer.
It was much harder to cut than I thought. The fabric is old, it's really soft so each time I pulled a side, it gave. Some of the squares I could use, some were too bent out of shape, so I'll just have to save them for some next project. Funny thing is, out of all of the fabrics I'm using, this has the best feeling by far, it's so soft and comfy, just like a quilt should be. :)

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