sexta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2010

Sewing Machine troubles

As I've told you before, discovering that my lovely first ever sewing machine didn't actualy do most of the things I needed was quite a blow. First because I bought it in June, so it's less than a year old and already I'm thinking about replacing it, feels kind of disloyal. Second because I really like it. It's cute, blue and really has a great personality. She taught me a lot. Unfortunately I can't really free motion quilt with these traits. Or quilt a larger item for example.
I wont list here all the faults I now, being more experienced (just barely), find in it. Sufice to say, I need to decide if I really want to advance on my learning or if I'm really just doing this for a bit of fun and am happy with what I already know. The truth is I'm not. Like every other passion, I want to excel, I want to be able to do things people think are really hard to do when in fact we know they aren't. I want to create. And for that I need a new sewing machine.
This conclusion, of course, led me to much more questions than answers. Like bugdet of course. And what do I need from a machine. What are important features to look for? And as I begin researching more questions arise. Mechanical, electronic or computerized, how many stiches do I really need? is a needle threader really important? Can a ex demonstrator machine be in as good shape as a brand new one? Is the discount worth it? Mind you my current sewing machine doesn't even have a light! I confess I was lost. I do believe mechanical last longer than computerized, I am very much afraid of depending on technology, don't really know why.
Also, one of my biggest problemas is the lack of models available to me here in Portugal. The ones that are are very expensive. I've never seen a Bernina for less than 2000€. My budget is 600€ tops, but I would like to make a good investment.

With the help of my best friend (as usual) I (well she) found an english site with a great offer for a Janome 6125Quilters Companion, that includes besides the machine, of course, a walking foot, a 1/4" seam foot, an open toe craft foot, a free hand emboidery foot and an extension table 9.5"x18" as well as a thread pack and a sewing kit. Oh and a hard cover, 5 years guarantee and 25 different stiches. Has loads of stuff I didn't even know I needed but I sure need them now! I realise it's an older model, but fits my budget so perfectly, it's less than I was intending on spending which means I could probably order it as soon as next week. Also they have free delivery in 5 days, which is pretty perfect.

I must confess I'm excited, bet you hadn't noticed before I mentioned it ;)

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