quinta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2010

Here's the good news and the bad news...

The good news is I shall no longer waste precious time with making bias tape, because, that's right, I went to my favourite shop and bought THIS!!!!
Clover Bias Tape Makers
Aren't they lovely? I bought the 50mm and the 25mm, which I think are the two sizes I'll use more, smaller than that is just too small for my taste. Haven't really tried it yet and I think it will be challenging to learn how to do it properly but once it's mastered, it will be such a great addition to my quilting routines...

And now for the bad news. I have been meaning to learn how to quilt with a free motion foot, but unfortunately I was told today that I can't really do it with my little sewing machine. As you might remember, I have a John Lewis Mini JL Sewing Machine and apparenty the Bernette free motion foot the shop had is just to darn tall for my little machine. And I was meaning to use it on my Christmas Twinkle Collection, but now I guess I will have to think of another way of quilting the items in a cute and proper way. Also, I guess I will have to start thinking about buying a new adult-sized sewing machine, which is a bummer not only because they are expensive but also because I really love my mini sewing machine, it is so cute, I brought it to the shop to try on the free motion foot and everybody loved it, it was like a small pupy or a baby... My baby :(

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