domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

You know I mean business...

...when I actually clean a space to create my very own crafts corner. I have a huge desk, that's usually covered in paper and other stuff I tend to have lying around. But not anymore!

My desk, in my living room. Usually I sew siting at the sofa.
My little sewing machine. It's a JL Mini I got at John Lewis
Regarding my sewing machine, I know it's really small and amateurish. However it is really cute and suits my immediate needs just fine. I suppose if I evolve this hobbie, the sewing machine will have to evolve with me. I don't keep it out, because I don't need it daily, specially now with the hexie project. Also, I don't trust my kitties to behave around it...

Speaking of my hexies, I have now reached 250 and so I decided it was time to start sewing a few together. I feel really insecure about how I'll join patterns. I guess we'll have to see...
My hexies. All 250 of them!

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